About John Irvin

What inspired you to write?

I was always telling stories to my brothers. I created intricate worlds where we were adventurers. I knew these stories weren’t just for us. I had to write them out, get them to other people, to you all. And so I started.

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When did you do start writing full-time?

After I graduated college with my Humanities Degree, I was working in a medical supply warehouse for a year. I thought I was too busy to write, and it depressed me. A friend asked, “Do you want to slave away at some dead-end job?” I thought about it, “No, I wanted to be a writer.” It was who I was, not what circumstances of life gave me. So, I quit my job and starting writing full-time. It wasn’t easy, had to get a part-time job too, but it was LIVING, and I LOVE it!

Aside from writing, what do you enjoy?

I love hanging out with family and friends, especially when we get to go camping. I love the outdoors, and I think that inspired me to enjoy more reading under more sunsets. Oh, I’m building up a personal library too, and one day I’d like it to have 4,000 volumes!

I heard you grew up in Eastern Europe, What was that like?

We lived there for years, including during The Orange Revolution. I had a scar on my head, and my dad told me to show it off, to say I got it in The Revolution, ha ha. No one believed me. I love the Ukrainian culture, especially the food! My favorite dish is Solyanka, which is a unique meat soup.

Did you get to see other places while you lived in Ukraine?

I’ve actually been to about 20 different countries now, including, Scotland, Czech Republic, and Poland. There were so many castles in Scotland, it was a blast! I was able to tour the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle in the Czech Republic. I think all this experience gave me great writing material and helped shape my worldview.

Any words of wisdom you’d like to give us?

Chase your dreams. Even if it’s a small step, part of the way, or you have a setback–keep going. Be who you are.