Mermaid Seas: Salvation

mermaid seas salvation

Arthur Eden, a bestselling novelist, is the recipient of a prophecy passed down through his family line several generations. He knows the world will end–an apocalyptic devastation will come from the ocean.

His best friend is a Mermaid with a secret, Cassandra, and she is helping him organise a Noah’s Ark. Under the guise of an international competition for his upcoming novel, Arthur selects the winners for a cruise across the sea. What these winners don’t know, they are sure to panic if they find out.

Will Arthur, Cassandra, and his two daughters be able to save humanity from certain destruction? Will the mermaid race even help? How will mankind react when it discovers…

Mermaids are real!

Join the team in this final book of the Mermaid Seas Trilogy as they find their way to survival. If you enjoy paranormal futuristic fantasies about mermaids this is the book for you. Taking on a more human aspect, like Kiera Cass in The Siren and Anna Banks’ The Syrena Legacy, this is a tale of salvation.


Mermaid Seas: Forecast

mermaid seas forecast

Roger Overstreet is your average English History teacher and a small school. What he doesn’t know, he’s unique when it comes to his group of close-knit friends. Unique meaning, he’s the only human among them!

It’s the night of a party, after following a friend out to their Carolina coast pier, that he is shocked to see her grow a tail. Mermaids are real? And how could he have not known this whole time that his entire gang is merfolk? What other secrets do they hold?

There is one secret. A big mystery.

Robert’s friends use his linguistic skills to decipher a Runic prophecy etched on the stones of an old ruin site beneath the waves of the coastal waters. A dark prophecy…

If you enjoy mermaid folklore, maybe even Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson, The Siren by Kiera Cass, or Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon, you will enjoy this second installment of the Mermaid Seas Trilogy!


Mermaid Seas: Discovery

Mermaid Seas Discovery

Cameron Weatherall is a soldier in gray, but he never saw himself apart of humanity and all its bloody arguments. He dreams of something more. In the year 1862, Cameron is sent with his platoon on a ship to reinforce Fort McRee on the Pensacola Bay Sound. Along the way, his world is turned upside down in a startling discovery.

Mermaids–the sea maids of ancient myth–are real!

The ship he rides is capsized and Cameron nearly loses his life, but he is rescued and begins the struggle of raising protection for the Fort.

Fort Pickens, the Yankee-held bastille has dark and evil plans for its neighbour.

But Cameron could almost not care at all. He is too obsessed with befriending this otherworldly creature. Spending any time he can find between chores, he discusses life and principles with her.

She gives him a choice: would he leave his world to join her under the sea? Are she and the mystic marine land more important to him than his own race?