Longevity, Book 2: Independence

Her name is Zandra, she is an Immortal. Ihon Iraes finds himself falling–or at least, intrigued. But while in this magical place called the Haven, Ihon discovers time passes differently. While only a day has passed within the Realm, a century blinked by out in the world.

Leaving the Immortal behind, he returns to Scotland, only to find his native country on the verge of war.

By chance, it seems, the knight meets the famed William Wallace–an upstart rebel in the words of his enemies. Joining the resistance, Ihon takes part in the decisive Battle of Stirling.

But, longing for rest, he returns home to Iraes Valley.

Many moons later, Wallace and his band show up. They’ve been defeated, but the former Guardian of Scotland has a plan involving France.

The French King, Philip IV, also has a special mission for the Lesser Officer of the Ancient Creed, sending him to Constantinople.

There are dark connections crawling beneath every surface. The malevolent intentions of a strange race are slowly being realised. Rumours gather along the Norwegian coast of creatures that prey on the living. The Wolf-Born has read about them, but Ihon has never actually seen one.

There’s an ambush, a plot, and a strange surprise. Can Ihon Iraes unravel a secret in time? Can he put to rest old ghosts? Will he see Zandra again?


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