StarQuest: Forgetfulness

If you enjoy science fiction and are a Star Wars or StarGate or Star Trek fan, perhaps you would enjoy the new Anthology, StarQuest. Taking science fiction and fantasy and intertwining them in a tale of patriotism, defiance against tyranny, and galactic conquest, this new episode in the saga will have anyone mystified.

Hanna knows something is off. She keeps having dreams that feel more like missing memories. Head Servant at the Palace on Venlay, a planet almost completely ruled by the Emperor, she goes about her daily duties in confusion.

She sees and talks to palace guards, palace staff, and even a prisoner, certain she has known them from a past life.

Prisoner in Cell number 10 has a story to tell. Could this be the answer to Hanna’s myriad of questions? Is this prisoner whom he says he is? If so, how in the worlds is Hanna going to awaken everyone to their true dilemma? How will they defeat the Emperor and escape the planet?