Shattered: Anarchy

Can an empire once fallen rise again? This is the question on everyone’s mind, including the survived President and one of the last Senators of the United States government. Two men with the same dream: the restoration of the great United States.

But with anarchy still ruling most of the continent’s cities and now a growing number of rebels who wish to form their own nations, can this dream become reality? Will these two be able to conquer their rebellious enemies?

This is the third installment to the post-apocalyptic tale of a future North American geography. The Shattered series takes on a new approach in this book, bringing into light the views of the old clinging to what used to be–not willing to accept that which is new.

A political/military/post-apocalyptic drive through to the new era. Do you like such stories as Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank, Children of the Dust by Louise Lawrence, Junk Day by Arthur Sellings to name a few then you may enjoy this series.


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