StarQuest: Epix

Shortly after their freedom from the Venlay Empire in StarQuest: Forgetfulness, the Earth Team discovers a world more advanced than any they’ve seen so far.

With two suns and twelve moons, holographic images, and moon-sized AIs, this new story is a tale of epic proportions. Will General Johan Eryn and his team of other-worlders be able to rescue the planet-city called Seshat?

The King of Seshat is a very friendly ruler, he welcomes the visitors with open arms and shows them a world where their greatest imaginations could come true. But even on such a planet that seems perfect, there are still dark undertones. A rebel force seeks the annihilation of this peaceful city-world.

Using the technology surpassing anything from Earth, the rebels grab a moon from its orbit.

And the gods of Seshat attack.

Will Johan and his team of space explorers be able to save the world?

If you enjoy space opera, this new episode in the galactic crossing is right for you. Taking on a Star Wars or Star Trek feel, the plot centers around dealing with problems of massive proportions.


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