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You have until Christmas to join my patrons, after that, things go back to normal… I think.

by John Irvin

First blog for December! I did finish November strong and completed the first draft for Strangers to the Realm. Presently, I’m working on that proofreading help book I told you about in my last blog, but I’m also getting a little ahead and working on an older series of mine, The Children of Alia.

I think, since this series is made up of shorter books from the looks of the first one published, The King, I will be able to work on them side-by-side with my proofreading book.

Maybe by April of 2022, I’ll be able to publish both the proofreading book and Volume 2 in the Children of Alia? You never know.

By the way, from now until Christmas, any new sponsors to sign up for either my $5 or $10 tiers on Patreon will receive a bonus reward on top of all the exclusive content already given to each of these levels. That bonus is being able to pick one book from a list of ten different books I’ve chosen that are already published.

And The Children of Alia, Volume 1: The King is on that list!

I did a vlog on my YouTube channel about this said book, here’s the link: John Irvin, Author Journey Series, Ep. 40.

You know what other book is also on that list? Magic’s Time Split, Book 3: As Flesh Rots. This means, if you were to choose that book, you’d be able to download the free first book, sign up for the newsletter and get the second book for free, then sign up for my Patreon and get book three for free! How about that?

The first three books in that ten-book series for FREE!

Well, sort of…

I mean, technically you’d be supporting me for either $5 or $10 per month—something that would be so amazing of you. But you get a crapload of exclusive content—meaning, you get a whole extra series that ONLY my Patreon supporters get to read, as well as many other rewards, like even getting a character named after you for one of the tiers.

Also, I want to get a group of my patrons together and we can create a whole new series! It would be so much fun. Don’t you think?

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