Six Months is Not the Desired Disappearance

A brief explanation of my vanishing for the past half a year.

I was seriously not planning to ghost all of you for six months. I started a side gig on top of my freelance proofreading and for a little while I wasn’t doing much writing. I’m still not, but maybe a little bit.

Today, I actually managed to work in a couple of hours of researching for some of the stories I’m presently working through. I have two story summaries for two different ideas and then I’m also working on the first draft for Book 5: Treason in my Longevity series. I was planning to be done with that first draft end of April, but things have just been busy.

I know, I know, that’s not good. It’s not a good type of busy when it steals your time from writing.

But, there was some good in it. I moved residences. Thankfully, moved out of a rotting trailer and I’m not living at a brick farmhouse with plenty of space and slightly dependable internet.

I also reached a goal for my four-month-old side gig—it’s a sales and marketing company, I’m a distributor for one of the top lines in nutrition and agriculture. Now, I’m hoping to reach the next goal before the end of the month. Seven more days, it’s still doable.

If you are interested in finding a US-based, personal supplier for meal replacement shakes, soap, energy drinks, vitamins and supplements, protein shakes, toothpaste, shampoo, perfume, makeup, and home accessories—basically, over 300 products—then just email me at or reach out to me on Instagram if you follow me there.

We can set up a call or video chat and possibly find a handful of items of most value to you in a few minutes.

But today, the couple of hours of research I squeezed in was pointed to the Longevity series. One of the items on my list to research was for more actors for my fantasy cast list for the movie version of the series. It’s a little hard finding the right actors, but a little easier finding the actresses. I’m not going to try to explain that haha.

Oh, in the proofreading department, I’ve hit a record when it comes to manuscript length. This book I’m presently proofreading is 417 pages long! That’s the longest I’ve ever proofread. I thought that was cool. So, all in all, I’m hitting records and goals and I’m thrilled to see what happens the next six months.

I also published my first nonfiction book, it’s a proofreading tips book for writers, editors, and publishers alike.

Make Your Writing Zing With Proofreading A Through Z!

But, I promise, I will try to work better on publishing more blogs over the next six months. Forgive me for being so late with this one.

I’ve also updated my Patreon profile, you can check out the first goal I have on there and maybe help me attain it.

As you can see, I’ve got a lot to manage these days and I seem to be adding more and more. But it’s all in the long-term mindset for building an empire. I’m loving the process because I can believe the finish line is somewhere on the horizon.

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