Can’t Help Falling (A Sweet Romance Novella)

can't help falling a sweet romance novella by john irvin

Kaela Theron is a movie star. She’s also divorced with three children. While her ex-husband runs about with his magazine model, she’s busy taking care of her kids.

She also enjoys a good read—romance novels are her favourite. Having been an actress in several romantic comedies, she finds that to be her beloved genre.

Then, while at a bookstore, she arrives at an author book signing for one of her favourite books.

Upon meeting eyes, Kaela can see Mason Haran is a good man. With a friendly smile and a warm touch, he works his way into her heart. When he asks her out, she surprises herself by giving him a yes.

What follows is a budding romance.

But there’s one big problem. She’s over a decade older than him.

They’re both falling for each other, that’s easy to see, but what can they do about it? Should they listen to their peers and her parents and the opinions of society? Should they ignore those other voices and only follow their own?

Can you really go on living when your heart is one hundred percent certain it wants what it wants?

If you enjoy sweet and clean romance that also has a little message in its story, this book would be a good read for you. Does age difference truly matter when it comes to love?

With a slight nod toward classics like Notting Hill or if you’re a Sleepless in Seattle fan, this is somewhere up that alley.