As the Sun Will Rise

as the sun will rise

From the moment he first saw her dance, Paul Sharp knew Titiana was special.

He finds out that is an understatement when a Sorcerer casts a spell. Paul also discovers something about himself, the skin shedding is not normal for a human being. When the scales show up, he finds he has another side no one ever told him about.

Titiana is a fairy, imprisoned by the Sorcerer and forced to dance for him in front of public ballet plays. Will she ever gain her freedom as he promised? Or is he nothing more than a liar? And who is this new man who seems more curious than anyone has ever been?

If you’re into Sword and Sorcery–or Contemporary Fantasy–this short read is just for you. Because when you have a Fairy, a Sorcerer, and a Dragon mixed into a present-day setting, it could only be something more than intriguing!