Magic’s Time Split, Book 8: New Realms Born

It’s been ten years since South America broke away from Panama and changed into a new continent. There are now two prosperous cities settled on the northern and eastern coasts. Named after ancient mythical treasure cities, these two colonies are under the direction of a Grand Marshall.

Gael, Jenna, Levi, and Jessica have all be content to stay at home in the Hidden Lake Palace, their lives are almost full. They haven’t heard anything from the friends in the Guardian Knights of the Fae or any other nation. Deciding to take a trip to their second home on the new continent, Zerzura, they run into a few complications.

There’s a human sacrifice to a new deity.

What’s the dark mystery surrounding these dark-cloaked occultists? Who is this new deity taking the name of the continent? What’s going to happen to our Immortals and where are the Guardian Knights of the Fae? Can the Immortals discover the truth in this new realm born of magic?


Shattered: The Complete Collection

For the first time in print, John Irvin brings us the Shattered Saga.

A political apocalyptic drama about the end of the United States—perhaps a slight bit realistic?

Volume 1, Collapse. When the Black Out happens, a nuclear facility in the northeast sends Washington, D.C. to kingdom come. The northeastern seaboard becomes what is called the Badlands.Meanwhile, in Alabama, a neighbourhood turns itself into a fortified community to protect against the scavengers and anarchist mobs taking advantage of the loss of government leadership.From this establishment, the Locke Republic is born.

Volume 2, Revolt. Atlanta is overrun by gangs and mob wars. Stephen Hardy and his wife, Sara, are fleeing the city to join the Locke Republic. But, along the way, they are invited to join a resistance camp.While there, friends are murdered, Stephen makes a vow to rid his beloved city of the needless sacrifice of innocent blood.In the Texas Republic, the State is limping along. Governor Mark Bennington wages a political war. This debate turns into a battle of resistance against the invading Mexican forces at the south. General Philip Bundy leads the revolt, he must take San Antonio in a near mirror of history.

Volume 3, Anarchy. Derick Banks and Ted Valington are two of the last survivors of the United States government. Valington takes over as acting President while staying in Olympia, Washington. He converts the region into the Washington Empire and invades the struggling British Columbian north.The State of Jefferson has finally found her independence ever since she’d began her mission before World War II. But now she’s being attacked by her northern enemy, the Washington Empire. Derick Banks converts his Midwestern region into the American Union, making St. Louis his Central City. Through a tight fits and fiery bullets, he rules like a dictator, stamping out all he portrays as terrorists and rebels to the Cause of restoring the United States.

Volume 4, Spark. Fourteen years later, someone attacks Liberty City, the Capital of the Locke Republic, and kidnaps the President, Joe Randall.Samuel Turnover is called into duty once again for his country.The Southern Federation and the Republic of Texas all cast in the lots with their neighbour and the North American War breaks out across the entire continent.A mission to rescue the President of the Locke Republic is instigated.Will it be accomplished? Will the War continue? Will the young nations survive?

Volume 5, Conspiracy. The final chapter of the series brings the North American War to a head four years later. Everyone is at a stalemate. Every side resorts to drastic measures.A bomber makes a failed attempt in Atlanta.Former Presidents Sam Turnover, Emily Morgan, and Joe Randall link up with General Stephen Hardy, representatives and ambassadors from four new secessionist nations within the realm of the American Union’s dictatorship, and others embark on a mission to bring the War to an end.