Shattered, Volume 5: Conspiracy

The North American War is at a stalemate. All sides are reaching for more desperate means to end the arduous struggle.

After a bomber’s failed attempted to blow up an Atlanta gun store, Samuel Turnover invites his Southern Federation allies to join him on a mission.
Organizing a team of former Presidents, Generals, spies, and other military officers, Sam leads a silent invasion into the American Union.

In the State of Jefferson, Senator of the nation, Andrew Erinvane pushes a bill through his Senate to march on Olympia and finally bring an end to the war on the Pacific front.

Will our heroes finally have their peace? Will the new nations born from the ashes of a dead empire hold steady? Can the forces seeking the destruction of the new and the restoration of the old be vanquished?

Join the heroes of the Locke Republic, the State of Jefferson, the Southern Federation, and the Texas Republic as the fight the last battles of the North American War in this political apocalyptic drama.


Shattered: Revolt

Shattered Revolt

Following the birth of the Locke Republic, two countries on either side begin the struggle to build something new out of the old ashes. Trying to keep from plunging into an anarchical armageddon, these two forces stem the tides.

The Republic of Texas has survived for so long. Now that its overseer is no longer in existence, Texas is free to govern itself as an independent nation once again–as she has always talked about doing. Mark Bennington, Governor of Texas, and General Philip Bundy lead this new order with great sacrifice and compassion for their people.

To the East of the Locke Republic, a new league is formed by the barely breathing Southern States–the Southern Federation. Colonel Stephen Hardy, his wife, and several friends join a revolution and hold back the waves of gang violence in the streets of Atlanta.

Will all these patriots be able to bring back order and stability to their new countries in this post-apocalyptic age?

If you enjoyed the show Revolution, or Book of Eli, or One Second After by William Forstchen you will appreciate this new end of the old world series!


Shattered: Collapse

Shattered Collapse

When a solar flare knocks out the world’s power, world empires shatter into pieces. Anarchy reigns, terror ignites. Will the pieces survive?

A band of former Floridians join together and form a new country. Rising up against the tyrannical local government with its military cronies, Samuel Turnover and his group of rebels ignite the foundation of an already crumbling society.

Will they be able to build a new country? Will they be able to hold back the tide of oppression? This is a story of death and rebirth. The old becomes something new. A fiery bird rising from the ashes. What was has to collapse…