Shattered, Volume 5: Conspiracy

The North American War is at a stalemate. All sides are reaching for more desperate means to end the arduous struggle.

After a bomber’s failed attempted to blow up an Atlanta gun store, Samuel Turnover invites his Southern Federation allies to join him on a mission.
Organizing a team of former Presidents, Generals, spies, and other military officers, Sam leads a silent invasion into the American Union.

In the State of Jefferson, Senator of the nation, Andrew Erinvane pushes a bill through his Senate to march on Olympia and finally bring an end to the war on the Pacific front.

Will our heroes finally have their peace? Will the new nations born from the ashes of a dead empire hold steady? Can the forces seeking the destruction of the new and the restoration of the old be vanquished?

Join the heroes of the Locke Republic, the State of Jefferson, the Southern Federation, and the Texas Republic as the fight the last battles of the North American War in this political apocalyptic drama.


Shattered: Spark

Shattered Spark

Did you enjoy the show Revolution? Did you think they should have delved deeper and kept going? Do you enjoy futuristic tales of possible futures? What about political dramas?

Volume 4, Spark, is finally here! It’s the newest installation in the Shattered series. Everything until now has been building up for a violent climax in this political thriller. Will the patriots of the Locke Republic, the Southern Federation, and the Republic of Texas be able to stand against the wiles of the American Union and the Washington Empire?

Samuel Turnover is once again called to his country’s aide after a bomb is set off in Liberty City. The President of the Locke Republic has been kidnapped. He is sent to Savannah, Georgia—the Capital of the Southern Federation—as an Ambassador to the fiery President Emily Morgan.

Meanwhile, the American Union invades the northern borders of Texas, only to be met by a readied force of resistance.

But will these three Southern nations be able to withstand the powerful enemy? What do the vile “President” Derick Banks and his cohort, President Ted Valington, have up their sleeves as they ignite the spark that erupts in all-out war across the New North America?

Join the heroes of the previous books as they finally come together in a fight for freedom!