Blood of the Father

blood of the father

The ancients speak of creatures able to shift from human form to beast—calling them werewolves. Prowling the night, they love full moons.

They call themselves Wolf-Born.

But how did it all start? Where did this race come from? Who was the first Wolf-Born?

Tiras, the seventh son of Japheth, the son of Noah—the one who built the Ark—just had his 300th birthday, lost his first wife, and stumbled across a wolf in a dark forest. He is bitten and the gift of the wolf is transmitted into his blood.

Given direction by the Almighty, he wanders the ancient nations for thirty years. Then one day, he is sent down into Egypt—during their Golden Age.

He is greeted by none other than the Pharaoh himself.

But who is this voluptuous figure standing at the ruler’s side? The Princess of Egypt. Could she be Tiras’s Mate: the promised Mother of the Wolf-Born Race? Has he finally discovered her?

And what are these dark unravelings taking place behind the scenes in the Temples of the Egyptian gods? What malevolent forces are at play? What are their plans?

If you enjoy dark origin fantasy tales, then you will enjoy this short fiction. Fans of the Vampire Wish series, the Wolf-Gift Chronicles, the Nightshade Novels series, or the Originals, will enjoy this new addition to the historical gothic fantasy genre.


Doom Through the Rabbit Hole

doom through the rabbit hole

Ghosts, wraiths, and the Queen of Doom, this Emergency Room isn’t your normal ER. Follow Conner, Alice, and their friends as they end up uncovering a sorceress’s plot to take control of the hospital and perhaps the rest of the world.

When you wake up to find your body lying at your feet and discover you’re a ghost, what do you do? Conner Schez finds himself in this dilemma and needs his friends’ help to tear open this mystery.

Alice has the power to open portals to other worlds, she calls these portals “Rabbit Holes.” But when Conner comes to her for help, she opens a portal and finds out, a little white rabbit doesn’t come out. It’s something totally different.


As the Sun Will Rise

as the sun will rise

From the moment he first saw her dance, Paul Sharp knew Titiana was special.

He finds out that is an understatement when a Sorcerer casts a spell. Paul also discovers something about himself, the skin shedding is not normal for a human being. When the scales show up, he finds he has another side no one ever told him about.

Titiana is a fairy, imprisoned by the Sorcerer and forced to dance for him in front of public ballet plays. Will she ever gain her freedom as he promised? Or is he nothing more than a liar? And who is this new man who seems more curious than anyone has ever been?

If you’re into Sword and Sorcery–or Contemporary Fantasy–this short read is just for you. Because when you have a Fairy, a Sorcerer, and a Dragon mixed into a present-day setting, it could only be something more than intriguing!


Wolf’s Rising

wolf's rising

If you enjoyed Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien or William Morris’s Well at the World’s End or even the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes then you’ll enjoy this high fantasy with a dark theme.

Set in the world known as Kyn, there is a Master Race and its slaves. The Wolf-Born have been enslaved to the Dark Elves for over a thousand years. But all that is about to change.

Duncan Hur awakens in a damp dungeon to find his memory not intact.

Grace Malcolm, daughter of the Commander of the Lupine Liberators—a rebel group recouping from a failed revolt—allows herself to be captured in order to break into the dungeon.

Duncan’s mind is sent into a major upheaval at first sight of Grace. They are lovers, come to find out. The two of them break from the cell and plan an escape. Duncan is distracted by an ancient Pendant and discovers it is encased in a dark spell. Trying to steal the Pendant, he is sent to the Otherworld—an ethereal place of haunting Shades and drooling Ghouls.

There is one Shade, Bezarnok, who informs Duncan of a way he can escape: kill the Master Sorcerer, Morphano—the Dark Elf leader. But is there a catch? Does the Shade have ulterior motives? Will Duncan be able to escape from the Otherworld and return to his love and his people? Will Bezarnok unleash his hordes of Ghouls and Shades on the world?

For the lovers of dark fantasy and high fantasy, this is one you don’t want to miss! Intertwining the two subgenres, this tale takes the reader from one plot twist to the next.




How did it start? A deadly virus from the Arctic. An international team of US, Russian, Chinese, and Korean scientist uncovered a prehistoric artifact frozen in the ice of the North. What they didn’t know is it carried a slumbering disease more fatal than the Medieval Black Plague.

Gideon Cole is the son of a US General stationed in San Francisco. Gideon is surprised when the first nuclear missile hits New York City, ushering in the Apocalypse. His Dad calls, telling him it’s time to head to a secret war bunker.

Along the way, as time is running out, they pick up Lynda Brodunvich and her father. Lynda was Gideon’s high school crush a decade ago.

Will they make it to the bunker in time, before the bombs drop? If the plague doesn’t wipe out humanity, will they destroy each other on apocalyptic scales? If they do, is this the end of the world? Or can two people begin mankind over again?

If you enjoy the dystopian genre, the end times, the last days theme, you’ll enjoy this book. With a Rise of the Machines, Terminator 3, style (without the evil robots), or Book of Eli, Armageddon theme, this author brings out a different aspect of what a nuclear holocaust could start. What if we could start the world over again? What would that be like?


All the Reasons Why

all the reasons why

Do you enjoy Western-style romance? How about a horse rancher?

Hunter is a Montana-bred horse rancher with a shattered heart. Having just fallen out of love, he does not trust anyone. Then Lilah shows up and everything blows up in his face.

He tries to run, but something keeps shoving him back to her, pointing the way for his heart.

Will he finally realise that not everyone is sent to break your heart? Can love sometimes find a way? Are there enough reasons to move on with life and take a new risk?