Longevity, Book 1: Revelation

Revelation, Book 1 in the Longevity series

The death of the old and familiar brings the new path of a life-altering revelation.

When his wife is murdered, Ihon Iraes is forced to find his destiny in the world of men. His revelation is a new form he takes on accident the night he finds her body. What is this monstrous creature that he has become?

Hunting down the killer, he discovers he is not alone. He’s part of an ancient Race of creatures that walk like men with the heads and pelts of enormous wolves.

The Wolf-Born Race,

divinely-touched children of the seventh son of Japheth, the son of Noah, are a Race unknown to human kind. Their claimed duties, under their supreme Law, the Ancient Creed, are to protect mankind against the powers of evil.

They also have a City hidden in the shadows of the Scottish Highlands–Sanguiatro, City of the Dark Bloods. For thousands of years it has held the secret of the Wolf-Borns’ existence within the Black Keep.

Ihon is initiated into the official administration under the Supreme Council, swearing his allegiance to the Ancient Creed, and after many years is finally sent on his first mission: to execute a Rogue Wolf-Born masquerading as an opponent in the Third Crusade.

Finding his true identity, Ihon finds a new family and a new purpose.


Wolf’s Rising

wolf's rising

If you enjoyed Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien or William Morris’s Well at the World’s End or even the Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes then you’ll enjoy this high fantasy with a dark theme.

Set in the world known as Kyn, there is a Master Race and its slaves. The Wolf-Born have been enslaved to the Dark Elves for over a thousand years. But all that is about to change.

Duncan Hur awakens in a damp dungeon to find his memory not intact.

Grace Malcolm, daughter of the Commander of the Lupine Liberators—a rebel group recouping from a failed revolt—allows herself to be captured in order to break into the dungeon.

Duncan’s mind is sent into a major upheaval at first sight of Grace. They are lovers, come to find out. The two of them break from the cell and plan an escape. Duncan is distracted by an ancient Pendant and discovers it is encased in a dark spell. Trying to steal the Pendant, he is sent to the Otherworld—an ethereal place of haunting Shades and drooling Ghouls.

There is one Shade, Bezarnok, who informs Duncan of a way he can escape: kill the Master Sorcerer, Morphano—the Dark Elf leader. But is there a catch? Does the Shade have ulterior motives? Will Duncan be able to escape from the Otherworld and return to his love and his people? Will Bezarnok unleash his hordes of Ghouls and Shades on the world?

For the lovers of dark fantasy and high fantasy, this is one you don’t want to miss! Intertwining the two subgenres, this tale takes the reader from one plot twist to the next.