Bringing my Characters to Life, Part 3.

The Dream Cast: Who would I want to see be cast in the roles of this third list from my Longevity series?

by John Irvin

It’s already that time again. Yes, the time I post part three in a Dream-cast blog series for my world of Longevity, if it were ever made into movies. Because, why not? I’m sure all writers dream of the perfect cast for their books.

Now, in parts one and two, I covered the main characters and a few others from Book 1: Revelation. Today’s blog will cover a few characters from Book 2: Independence.

A quick back story again, Sir Ihon Iraes (pronounced Ian Eraze) has returned from his first haunt in the Haven where he met the Immortal, Zandra. Now he returns to find his human homeland in the middle of a war for independence.

His best friend is the renowned Guardian of Scotland, Sir William Wallace. Naturally, being of Scottish descent, I had to bring this hero into the story. And also, because I’m a fan of Braveheart, no one should be surprised that when I imagined this character, I saw Mel Gibson.

Hence the blue eyes.

But, Mel Gibson has grown a bit older thanks to time. I’m so torn with this cast role to be honest. William Wallace will always look like Mel Gibson to me in my mind. I just don’t know who could play the part. I don’t care if his accent was off, he still did a darn-good job.

I wonder how his son, Louie Gibson, would do in the role.

Next character is another historical player known as King Robert the Bruce. According to history—and Braveheart—he took up the mantel to lead Scotland to victory and finally win what they had never had before: a country of their own.

Angus Macfadyen played this role in Braveheart and its sequel, which I have yet to see sadly, and he did the perfect job. He’s also actually Scottish. But, again, he’s up there in age like Mel. Although, the Bruce was about forty when he fought the Battle of Bannockburn, which was the decisive battle that led to Scotland’s independence.

Angus is fifty-eight now, so he could play the part. But, I mean, he’s already played Bruce twice now. Would it really be fair for Mel Gibson?

How does Henry Cavill or Jamie Dornan sound? Cavill starred as Superman in the Man of Steel and I find he did a good job. Jamie Dornan was the sheriff in Once Upon A Time—at least, that’s where I know him from. That is a favourite of mine. I wonder how their Scottish accents are. Dornan is Irish and Cavill is British.

Then there is King Philip of France, who, in this series, is actually not human. He’s a Wolf-Born Higher Officer of the Ancient Creed. He tasks Ihon with a mission to Constantinople. I’ll also give a hint, he may or may not play a role later on in the series.

I think the best actor to play this mysterious character would be Raphaёl Personnaz from Anna Karenina. He’s French and he did a superb job.

And the final role we’ll talk about today is that of Sir William Wallace’s daughter, Lady Desi Wallace. Yes, the real hero actually had a daughter—this is not shown in the Gibson film. And in the Longevity series, she becomes my main character’s ward for a short time. Her lineage actually plays a role throughout the series.

I won’t go into it any further. You’ll simply have to read the books. Although, I’m going to pause again right here to remind you, Book 3: Wandering is ONLY in ebook form for now. If you see any print copies for sale, those are errors. There was a format problem that I haven’t been able to get around to fixing yet.

With Amazon’s new “hardcover” option, that may be just around the corner though, so hang on.

Back to Desi, what an interesting lass this character was. I immediately fell in love with her when writing her in and wish I could have had more time with her. But that’s how it goes sometimes. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a short story for her about her time at House Iraes, I don’t know.

The best actress I could see fitting in this role would be Maya Hawke from the recent Little Women. We’ll have to call her up and ask for her example of a Scottish lass. Perhaps. 😉

Next up will be Book 3: Wandering and its cast of characters. I won’t give any names out this time around. Make sure to stop by next Saturday for Part 4!

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