Writing and Reading E-Books vs. Print Books

Is there a versus? Why can’t we all get along?

By John Irvin

            Back when I quit a corporate job and went full-time as an author/proofreader/ghostwriter, I read several articles and books how I should be writing as many short e-books as possible and that’s how I would get my name out there.

No longer a proofreader/ghostwriter anymore by the way.

            So I started doing that. Looking at my Book library on my website, you’ll see about 20 of those e-books that I poured out of myself. I’ve tried to cut out the slosh from other failed attempts, there are many books that won’t see the light of day because I was more worried about getting as many out as I could.

            I didn’t focus on what I should which are the plots and characters—making a truly worthwhile reading.

            So now I’m focusing on two main series. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know those are the Longevity series and the Magic’s Time Split series.

            Longevity is in Print and E-Book while Magic’s Time Split is only in E-Book. Magic’s Time Split has books about the length of a regular novella or novelette—depending on how you categorize them. Hence why they’re not in Print…yet.

Boxset for Shattered: The Complete Collection, publication: 30 October, 2019

            But so were all five books of my Shattered series. Each one was way too short to be in print. Until I finished the whole series, now I have the Complete Collection coming out on October 30, 2019! It will be available for Pre-Order starting tomorrow, most likely.

            Right now it’s going through Review and I’ll be ordering my Proof Copy in a couple days.

            So, yes, I like to hold a book in my hands, smell its leaves, and hallucinate on the scratches and chicken feet called letters on the page. But I’ve also found, I enjoy reading on my Kindle shorter books, making me feel like I’ve accomplished a little extra each day.

Blogging and Writing Books, this is my Dream

            I think both realms are relevant and significant. I believe we can unite both E-Books and Print Books in the ever-growing cause to make the world literate again.

            Though my focus is slowly pointing more toward Print copies now, I believe it’ll probably be in waves in the future. I may focus one year on more E-Books while the next year on Print. Or half years or seasonal, who knows? All I know is, I love writing either way.

            I also know, now that Shattered is finished, I’m probably going to be focusing ONLY on Longevity and Magic’s Time Split until those are finished.

            I started writing the first draft of Book 4 in Magic’s Time Split yesterday so I technically only have six more books to write in that series—which, if I write one per month, I’ll have those finished long before Longevity.

            Being longer novels, Longevity isn’t planned to be complete until the end of 2021!

“Life is like a laptop, sometimes it needs a reboot.”

            And, the way life is, it might be a little longer. We’ll see!

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