Zombies? Really? Why does there always have to be Zombies?

When Zombies decide to join in all the fun and threaten to ruin the continuation of the series…

By John Irvin

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When Jenna and Gael go on the hunt for Colin after his narrow escape from the wrath the Midnight Crow tribes, they find themselves on the jungle island of Haiti.

          The natives there are not so friendly.

          Taken to the island’s leader, the two Immortals discover his relations with dark magic. He’s a voodoo priest.

          Before they realise, there’s a zombie apocalypse—but not after stopping by the Underworld…or is it?

          Can Gael and Jenna get back in time to save the world from a global pandemic?

          Will there a complete undead devastation of this new Magic-ruled timeline?

          Will there be a last stand somewhere? Can humans who were originally fighting the Texas War for Independence unite and hold off the zombie advance up the Mexican peninsula?

          Join Gael and Jenna as they play a role in saving the rest of the continent from what they’re now terming “the Deadlands.”

          Will they ever make it home?

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Even if you’re not finished with the first two books, you’ll have this one ready to read—not to mention, it’s affordable.

Honestly, the more I think about it, my readers could literally buy the whole Magic’s Time Split series for under $24—excluding tax. Wow, am I getting jipped? I don’t know. I didn’t even think about that. All those weeks of writing and rewriting…you better enjoy this! Haha

Actually, I hope you do enjoy this series. It was fun creating and exploring.

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