A Galaxy of Freedom

When the Tyrants of the Milky Way arrive, it’s time for some good old-fashioned resistance.

The very first novel I published was StarQuest. It’s hard to believe this book turned six years old two days ago!

The story of a group of freedom fighters who became a galactic task force to find a New World where they could reestablish a nation based on their own principles and ideals.

Yes, today being 4 July is the reason I’m bringing this book up.

A national resistance becomes a galactic resistance.

General Johan Eryn and his task force take the USS Patriot on an excursion across the Milky Way and they discover… we are not alone.

But surprise, the other worlds were actual colonies from Ancient Earth—we’ve merely been out of contact for millennia. Now, these other colonies are being oppressed by a tyrannical race called the Clongoth.

Can the rebellion unite a whole galaxy against this powerful race? How will all these “primitive” races form a strong-enough front against a technologically advanced force?

Oh, did I mention, if you sign up for my Super Supporters on Patreon, you’ll receive a free hardcopy of this first novel of mine! On top of that, you also get the option of choosing one of several ebooks I’ve also published.

There are two short ebooks in the StarQuest world: Forgetfulness and Epix. These both take a setting before the novel on the timeline. So, if you join the Super Supporters tier level, you could grab a free copy of one of these too!


Forgetfulness is sort of explanatory. The team can’t remember who they are or where they come from. They’re servants at some royal palace in some strange world they believe to be their homeland.

Epix is about the time when the USS Patriot is given a whole new addition to its spaceship body and becomes the USS Patriot Ultimatum. Everything in this story is oversized! Even the moon god that threatens the planet’s existence.

I want to mention before I leave today, soon, I will write a third short ebook, which will take place after the novel. After that, there’s a second novel planned and it’s going to be even more epic because I am a far better writer now (it’s not bragging if it’s true). There will be some original characters and lots of new ones too!

So, on that note, come join our space ship and explore the galaxy with us!

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