My Favourite Sci-Fi Show and an Interview with a Character from My Own Sci-Fi Series.

Publishing my First and What about the Gates?

By John Irvin

            If you’ve been following me, you know I have no greater entertainment love than reading books. But, I also have a secondary love and that’s called TV shows. I love all sorts of genres as with books.

            There is one show I’ve seen all the way through more than twice…okay, more than thrice. Well, never mind, yeah, it’s been about six times through!

            The show is called StarGate. There are actually three series in the StarGate universe.

            The first, is StarGate SG-1, then branching off from that is StarGate: Atlantis. And after that came StarGate: Universe.

            An US Air Force team is sent on exploration missions across the galaxy, discovering all kinds of life and also, most off world planets look like Canada.

            And the show just grows from there with villains, monsters, false religions, etc. It’s astounding and I’d recommend it to any sci-fi lover!

            Way back in college I was introduced to this spectacular show and it inspired me to return to an old sci-fi show I’d started the summer before my college career started. This series was known as StarQuest.

            Eventually, years later, I finally published a novel in the series, merging several of the smaller episodic volumes into one 300 page novel. It was my first officially published novel. I’d had pamphlets and booklets printed previously, but this was my first novel.

           Since then, I’ve added two prequel volumes in ebook format and there are plans in the works for a continuing anthology.

Today, I want to introduce a character from the StarQuest. Like I did a couple weeks back with Ihon from the Longevity world, I want to interview Hanna Collum. Though she takes a secondary role in the novel, her character is actually responsible for a lot of background keys that pushed the novel forward.

            Here’s the interview transcript:

            John: Thank you, Hanna, for joining us today, welcome to my Author Journey Blog.

            Hanna: Thanks for having me, John. I’m honoured. Glad I could make it.

            John: Yes, Eris is quite a ways away, isn’t it?

            Hanna: It is. It’s still in this solar system, but is far past Pluto.

            John: Why don’t you give a brief description of Eris, Hanna, to my readers?

            Hanna: Sounds good. My homeworld is a dwarf planet at the edge of this solar system, like I said. We’re a descendant civilization of an Earth colony settled pre-Flood from Earth. We were actually one of the first to send reconnaissance ships back to the Mother world and found it completely covered in water. So we lost contact thousands of years back, thinking everyone on Earth had died. It wasn’t until Johan and his Liberators arrived on our planet that we discovered otherwise.

            John: And Johan Eryn, the commanding officer of these Liberators, enlisted you on his team when they left Eris?

            Hanna: Well, after taking control of our enemy’s ship, they gathered new data revealing half the colonized worlds in this galaxy.

            John: Who are your enemies?

            Hanna: Well, Eris actually has more than one nations—just like Earth—and we were at war with each other. One side allied themselves with an alien race known as the Clongoth. This race enslaves the planets they conquer. It was a Clongoth cruiser that Johan captured and deciphered the data from. When they helped us win our war, I volunteered to join his team. I will never regret that decision.

            John: In brief, because we’re almost out of time already, what was the goal of your Liberators?

            Hanna: Originally, Johan and his Earth team were looking for a new planet where they could set up a new country built on the principles of freedom they lost back on Earth. After several different encounters on various planets, we gathered quite a few non-Earthers and the goal evolved into united the Milky Way Galaxy into a confederation of planets to resist against the Clongoths.

            John: And did it work?

            Hanna: You’ll have to read the books to find out, right?

            John: *chuckles* I almost had you.

            Hanna: *pulls cellular device out of pocket* Excuse me, I’m going to have to return home, my sister’s calling me back.

            John: Well, thank you again so much for interviewing with me and hope it’s nothing serious back home.

            Hanna: She’s probably just wanting me to distract a diplomat from one of our neighbouring nations. Chow!

            And there you have it, folks. Hanna Collum. What I didn’t get to ask her was about her status back home and the name of her native country. I do have that info here. Hanna Collum is actually a Princess, with her sister, Becki, governing the nation of Asgron. She’s also a higher officer in their military and was given the rank of General both in that force and in Johan’s Liberators.

            I hope you enjoyed the short little interview and come back next time, we’ll see what we have for you then.

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          Until next week, y’all have a great life.

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