Guraidor and Eraterra, Kingdoms of Ikkilion

What secrets will Pwyll and Fea Libane discover in the homeland of his heritage?

By John Irvin

            First off, I want to apologise. Last blog, I promoted the episode of the Ikkilion Chronicles and misnamed it. That was Episode 17: When I Call. But I called it My Lost Home. Episode 19, the one I’ve published today, is actually named My Lost Home.

            You see, the way this is going is, I’ve been writing the episodes weeks ahead of publishing them. That way I’m always ahead enough to proofread them before publishing and I never have to feel rushed by turning them in last minute. It’s college and high school all over again.

            But, that being said, sometimes I get the titles mixed up because my brain.

            So, sorry about that, but today’s episode is My Lost Home. It is still a Patreon exclusive, so the only way you’ll be able to read it is by subscribing to my $1 tier level. If you ask me, $1 a month for an episode a week is a steal! So, why not help an author out and make him feel like all his writing isn’t going to waste?

            It’s real hard work getting these out there every single week.

            Not only do I have to write a five to seven-page short story for each episode, but I also have to proofread and revise, then there’s the publishing it and then there’s the writing the blog for my website and producing the vlog for my YouTube channel. All this work gets disheartening when there’s no one to appreciate it. You know? Just being real, I’m not complaining! I enjoy what I do, but I would enjoy it more if I could see others are enjoying it as well.

            Before I continue, here’s the link to my Patreon, so you can join in the world:


            Anyways, besides that, I’ve been coming up with ideas for when this series is finished—all series and stories have to come to an end eventually. There are so many ways this could go. I’m considering, if I can raise the support via patrons, I could bring all these episodes together into a printed book.

            And I could also keep the series going as an actual chronicle. Pwyll and Fea Libane still age, I don’t care how magically powerful they become. No one lives forever. So, maybe I could continue the series with their children if they have any.

            We shall see how things go. I can’t say much or I might give plot hints away.

            On that note, I’ll end this article here and hope to see you on Patreon! I’d love to get feedback and hear your thoughts once you’ve caught up with the series.      

          And for your viewing pleasure, here’s the video for today’s episode:

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