A Quick Update

So, I thought to finally give a short update for my patrons and followers on Patreon. Forgive me for the long absence. I will probably only be hopping in and out maybe once a month or so.
There are a lot of things going on in my life right now. But as I say in my Patreon update below, I promise I will return to a more vigorous author/writer lifestyle. SOON!
In the meantime, check out my update:

Take the Peace and the Time for Yourself

I am so glad I moved out of the city.

Waking up to birds chirping or even the rooster crowing is so much more serene than waking up to a train blaring its horn. I am so thankful for this residential move out to the country. Yes, the drive to the store is a bit longer, but still, I’ll take the peace over the hustle and bustle of the city.

Maybe I’ll take a horse too.

There is something about nature and the enjoyment of creation that gets the creator in me stirred up.

With everything going on in so many different parts of my life, I haven’t had much writing in my books. But, next week, I’ve planned a whole day of writing. I’m going to first finish the proofreading work I’ve got on my schedule, then make sure I’ve hit some goals in my sales and marketing nutrition and health business.

Once that is taken care of, I’ll just set aside a whole day where all I’m going to do is write. It’ll be mostly in Longevity, Book 5: Treason as I’m behind schedule with that. Hopefully, I’ll get close to finishing that first draft thanks to the writing day.

It’s been a while since I had a writing day (meaning, spent several hours in one day just writing). I think it’s high past time for another.

I would like to do some writing in my Children of Alia series, volume 2. We shall see. This writing day will be my day.

I should also work on something for my Patreon subscribers. You should hop over there and check it out and let me know what you think.


I could start using my Dungeons and Dragons saga I’ve been working on off and on, but we’ll see.

One thing I plan to do with my next paycheck is to buy a map creator program that some fellow author friends of mine have been recommending. I love maps. I love creating them. I love studying them. There is something about a good map that just thrills the creator in me.

When I’m sketching a map, the creator in me wants to know what the biomes are and where the people live. Who are the people? What are their characters? What do they look like? How do they act?

See, I’m just letting these words flow out while my brain thinks of the maps I’ve created in the past that inspired the stories I’ve either published or will be publishing soon.

Speaking of publishing, I’m still working on an issue with Longevity, Book 3: Wandering. It seems the pdf file that IngramSpark requires didn’t have all its fonts embedded. So, after all that work and money fixing the file, it still has another issue. I’ve reached out to IngramSpark and they just got back to me, offering an idea of how to fix it.

I can’t get to it right now as I’m busy trying to get other things finished. But soon, my friends, soon! You’ll finally be able to continue Ihon’s (pronounced Ian’s) journey!

In the meantime, you can check out the array of books I have listed on my website: johnirvinauthor.com.

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