by John Irvin

A commentary by John Irvin


“Someone’s in a hurry,” the brown-eyed girl remarked.”

Book Description:

Do you enjoy Western-style romance? How about a horse rancher?

Hunter is a Montana-bred horse ranch with a shattered heart. Having just fallen out of love, he does not trust anyone. Then Lilah shows up and everything blows up in his face.

He tries to run, but something keeps shoving him back to her, pointing the way for his heart.

Will he finally realise that not everyone is sent to break your heart? Can love sometimes find a way? Are there enough reasons to move on with life and take a new risk?

All the Reasons Why (A Short Montana Sweet Romance) by John Irvin, A Review Commentary

            There’s a touch of my dream in this story—a dream of owning a ranch. Though in reality, I’m not exactly looking for that—I do want a hundred acres of land though! Living in Montana would be amazing, but I’m probably never moving from Florida—too many friends here who don’t want to move to Montana with me.

            But, this short—I mean, short—sweet romance fiction is set under the Montana sky, starring a heart-broken horse rancher who doesn’t want anything to do with another woman thanks to the last one.

            But Hunter Norwood can’t seem to stop running into Lilah Saffron, a brunette with the prettiest brown eyes he’s ever seen.

            There’s also the fact, she’s a mutual friend of Hunter’s longtime friends Trent and Annie.

            The holidays are filled with her trying to show him, she’s not like the last girl who shattered his heart.

            I think, one of the lessons I was subtly instilling into this short story was: you can’t judge the next person by the actions of the last one. Don’t let someone who didn’t love you keep you from someone who does.

            Either way, I loved writing this Montana romance. I may write another, but actually work that one into a full-length novel.

            I also ask, if you do enjoy it, please leave a great review on its Amazon page so others can enjoy it too!

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