As Old As Time: A Twisted Tale

by Liz Braswell

Published by Disney Press

A review by John Irvin


“He always managed to pick her out of the crowd, though she didn’t always have blond hair. Or green eyes. Or that height. Or that color skin. It was bewitching.” –Maurice

            It’s a different take on the famous Disney fair tale. Belle is a captive of the angry, terrifying beast. She longs to see the world as always. But when she touches the enchanted rose, visions flood her brain. Belle sees her mother—someone she thought she’d never ever see again.

            What’s more disturbing, she figures out her mother was actually the Enchantress who cursed the Beast and his castle and all the servants. Confused, bewildered, shocked beyond belief, Bell and the Beast must come to terms with something.

            They need to work together to unravel this dark mystery. What truly happened twenty-one years ago? How are their families tied together?

as old as time liz braswell

            Another Beauty and the Beast unique telling that is a favourite of mine. I enjoyed the strange new mystery unfolding before my eyes as I read each forthcoming chapter.

            I could feel Belle’s surprise when she discovered the identity of the Enchantress. Though closely similar to the original Disney story, it is yet different to the point I could see a whole new movie being made from it. Although, I’d say, this book is even better than the movie and I love the movie—both animated and live-action now!

            If you like fairy tales with a dark fantasy twist, this is a great weekend read for you.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: AS OLD AS TIME.

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