Atlanta has a Post-Apocalyptic Supernatural set in its borders

This is still my top favourite urban fantasy series!

By John Irvin

          I don’t have a guest star today, so I want to hark back to the good ole days. Remember one of my very first blogs was about one of my top favourite series? Yesterday, talking about my friend’s supernatural thrillers had me reminiscing about the Kate Daniels series.

         To be open, I kinda want to re-read that series—all ten books are sitting on my top book shelf, I’m looking at them while I’m writing this, in fact.

          For today, make sure you watch my episode covering the first book, Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews and published by Ace Books.

Kate Daniels—mercenary, assassin, paranormal agent, to name a few vocations—has a few rusty and jagged edges. Living in Atlanta, Georgia in a world where Magic and Tech battle for control over the Earth will do that to a person. But, even with her tough-girl outer persona, Kate has an inner sense of humor that pops out without notice. The authors developed a strong, saber-wielding heroine for this series.

Like an outstanding paranormal fantasy should, the story begins with a vampire giving Kate Daniels a mission to uncover the mystery behind the murder of a knight-diviner, Greg Feldman—her former-Guardian.

Her quest of vengeance puts her in the middle of a all-encompassing war between the Pack—a ring of hundreds of shape-shifters led by one called the Beast Lord—and the Masters of the Dead, the mind-navigators of the vampires, otherwise known as necromancers.

Going head-on with the Beast Lord, Curran, Kate Daniels finds in him an unlikely ally and, possibly, an unlikely romance. Though their words seem to portray an acidic contempt for each other, there is this smoldering heat underlying their actions.

The story—though fantastic—is believable and the characters seem to jump off the page and act out their scenes right there in the room with the reader. Instilling them with their own back stories that are only uncovered over the course of the plot, giving them obvious emotional baggage, Ilona Andrews did a superb job in creating living beings.

If you are into dark fantasy like me, maybe even have a thing for strong female characters, then this will easily become one of your all-time favourite series! Click this link to go buy: Magic Bites.

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