by John Irvin

A commentary by John Irvin


“She danced with Mason down a rainy street. At least she thought it was Mason, with all the water in her face, she could barely make out his features.”

            Almost hot off the press, ladies and gentlemen, this short little clean and sweet romance novella was published only a week ago as of today’s blog post.

            Kaela is a movie star, though the career doesn’t play too big a part in this story. She’s also a divorced mother of three beautiful, wonderful children. With her Ex barging her with finding someone else since he’s already made it official news with his magazine model, she’s stressed out.

            But then, at the book-signing, she meets one of her favourite authors: Mason Haran. He’s a bestselling novelist who writes both fantasy and romance.

            They immediately click.

            But there’s one problem—to some it may be an insurmountable problem—she’s well over a decade older than him.

            Bouncing back and forth between emotions and rationalizations and listening to their parents or peers, will Kaela and Mason be able to reach a decision? Should they ignore their hearts? Should they accept the advice of society?

Can't Help Falling A Sweet Romance Novella by John Irvin. A movie star and a bestselling author meet and fall in love. But they have one issue, she's over a decade older than him.

            This little novella was a blast to write—having one of the characters in this romance be an author like me, gave me a feeling of connection.

            Plus, Notting Hill being one of the best romantic comedies in cinema history in my eyes, I found a deeper love for this story.

            I didn’t want it to be just another romance short fiction though. The issue of age difference was a topic of several conversations at the time of the writing. So I figured I’d insert something thought-provoking into this salad bowl.

           Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy this clean romantic struggle? You might appreciate the ending or you might disagree. That’s up to you. If you decide to buy this 99 cent novella, just remember, it’s just a book. But if you do enjoy it, please leave a sweet review—I’d love to hear what you think about it.

Click this link to go check it out: CAN’T HELP FALLING.

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