Directed Verdict

by Randy Singer

Tyndale House Publishers

A review by John Irvin


“Sarah, the Muttawa found us! They’re coming. Maybe tonight.” –Rasheed

            Two American missionaries are targeted in Saudi Arabia by a religious police called the Muttawa. The husband is tortured and killed in front of his wife while she is arrested on made-up charges and deported to the United States. It is there that she meets a strapping young crusader by the name of Brad Carson. He is a lawyer ready to defend the innocent.

            When she informs him of the injustice brought down on her and her family, Sarah finds a hero in Brad. He files an unparalleled civil rights suit against Saudi Arabia and the heated battle is on. But there are powerful forces underway, unleashed from the malovelent underbelly of Saudi Arabia’s justice system. They will stop at nothing to vindicate the Arabian kingdom.

            Witnesses disappear, some involved are bribed, and Brad even discovers a mole in his own team who is sabotaging their case. Will he be able to make it through this treachery? Will he be able to save his case, his job, and even the lives of those he loves? Will he be able to challenge the dominant intolerance and change the path of international law?

directed verdict randy singer

            It has been years since I’ve read this amazing work, but because of how thrilling it was, every important detail has stuck with me. I remember the emotions of watching the husband get murdered after the brutal attack of the thugs. I remember the wife’s frantic emotions when she pleaded with Brad to take her case. I remember Brad’s determination to see justice was served. I remember the heartbreak he went through from the betrayal.

            If you like crime novels and courtroom dramas, this is a great masterpiece! With how well-crafted this book was written, you could almost see it as a reality and it’s frightfully delightful. A thrilling fiction with international implications is how it’s put.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: DIRECTED VERDICT.

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