First Official Episode brings the First Official Published Book

I bring to you StarQuest, my first officially published book. It’s only fitting I promote this favourite of mine first!

By John Irvin

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          Way back in college, my freshman year, I started writing this novella series called StarQuest. I discovered—at the time—there was no other series by that name.

          I had my favourites: StarGate and StarWars. There was also StarTrek and Starship Troopers. But no StarQuest.

          The idea was a team of freedom fighters fight a war to reclaim liberty in America—a friend told me it was a unique niche of its own: political science fiction. So they build a spaceship and go in search of a new world to establish a new country.

          Only, they discover, there are hundreds of planets in our galaxy that were colonized by Earthlings thousands of years ago. Playing off the Christian theory of a Global Flood, it brings a new perspective to civilization back then.

          According to my StarQuest series, in Pre-Flood times, space colonization was a thing. But, when a world leader died, we shut down interstellar travel for a week. Only, during that week, the Flood happened and all contact was cut off from our colonies.

          Some extraterrestrial settlements sent scouts back to mother Earth and found it completely submerged in water. Thinking life on the planet was extinct, they never returned to visit and contact was erased for good.

          Until now.

          In StarQuest the Novel, the freedom fighters are on their trip back to Earth to inform their leaders of all their discoveries and travels. It’s been a few years since their departure and their mission objective has changed.

          The Milky Way Galaxy is under threat of an evil race seeking domination—naturally. The Clongoth are an evolved humanoid species from a dark and poisonous world called Clongo.

          Along their way back home, Johan Eryn and his team stop by an old friend’s house on the planet Nitara. Only, after a long flashback, they find her to be kidnapped!

          Will they be able to rescue the Queen of the Nitaran Tribes? Will they be able to return to Earth and bring their enemies to their knees? Will they be able to unite the Galaxy in a resistance against the Clongoth? Will they be able to win their independence?

          Order the book and you’ll find out. While you’re here, you can click through the GoFundMe link on my Home page and donate to the upcoming Spring 2021 Toward the Pacific Book Tour!

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