I have Returned and Here’s the Upcoming Plans

I can’t believe we’re already twenty days into November!

by John Irvin

Okay, so I thought I’d already blogged the first week into November, but come to find out, no it’s not here. Weird.

Time gets away from me these days.

I have an excuse for last week’s absence. I was literally absent from my computer. I took the annual camping trip with friends to Oak Mountain State Park in Alabama.

But, now I’ve returned with more zest to accomplish more goals. I love how nature does that to me. It’s like a natural refresh or recharge. Not that I’m a robot or anything.

Anyhoo, you ever get something done and think, phew! I feel so accomplished and I made it through. Then you listen to the work you finished and the audio seems so quiet you’re disappointed with your life?

Yeah, me too.

That’s what happened to today’s YouTube vlog. It took a lot of gathering pictures and audio recording and background music. Then I published it and listened and… YUCK!

I can barely hear myself.

So, for today, I’ll just share the transcription below and next week, hopefully, I’ll do better. Thanks for understanding!

YouTube Episode 123 Transcription:

It’s been over a month since I last posted a vlog. There was a reason for that. You recall how my vlog normally coincides with my blog?

Well, the past few weeks, the blogs have been a sub-series about my dream cast for the first three books in my Longevity series. And, since I would have to post pictures, in order to keep away from copyright issues, I decided to forgo the vlog side of it.

My readers could simply google the actors and actresses while they read the articles.

It was enjoyable and I’d love to see these movies come about within the next couple of years. Of course, I’d have to have a little face time in each one, I’d be a random Scotsman in a kilt running across the background in a scene or plowing a field in France in another scene, depending on which movie.

Then I finished that fantasy and went on a camping trip with friends last weekend, so there was no blog either.

We’ve returned safe and sound and now I’ve been working on an outline for my upcoming work.

I’m finishing up the first draft to an old book idea I conceived years ago. It’s called Strangers to the Realm. It has elves, orcs, faeries, ancient prophecies, parallel realms, and blossoming romance.

I plan to finish that before the end of November—this is possible, I only have four chapters left to write.

Then I’ll switch gears and work on a short proofreading book for my independent proofreading business. I’ve been told by several entrepreneurs and influencers that this would do well for the credibility for my business, so I’m going to try it.

Then it’s finally back to the world of Longevity. A brief summary again.

Longevity, Book 1: Revelation is about Sir Ihon Iraes discovering he is not human, he’s from the Wolf-Born Race. Then he goes on his first adventure. There’s love, grief, self-discovery, action, and mystery.

Book 2: Independence: Sir Ihon returns to the world of men to find his native country in the middle of a war for independence. He meets the famed Sir William Wallace and becomes best friends. There’s plot twists and world travelling as with the first book.

Book 3: Wandering: Still not out in print, but in ebook format, that will be fixed soon. Sir Ihon finds himself in inner and outer turmoil thanks to Zandra the Immortal. It takes wandering throughout the world and meeting so many different renowned historical figures for him to find himself again.

And when I return to that world next month in December, I plan to start where I left off. I’ve already written the first draft for Book 4: Revolution. So, I’ll begin with the first draft of Book 5: Treason and over the next year make my way through Book 6: Discovery and Book 7: Premonition to finally completing the first draft of the final book in this main series, Book 8: Extinction.

This series has been eleven years in the making. One more year to go—I can’t believe I’m this close. Of course, it’ll probably take a whole year after that to get through the second and third drafts then editing and proofreading and designing cover art. But who knows, we shall see! I’m excited.

Well, there’s the plan, y’all. And hey Magic’s Time Split was ten books and I finished and published all those, so this is possible for the foreseeable near future.

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