Mermaid Seas: Forecast (Book 2 in the Trilogy)

by John Irvin

A commentary by John Irvin


“The sterling form was attached to Auria’s lower half. Ending at her waist in transparent frill, the tail belonged to her. The tail was her. She’s a mermaid?”

            I had not realized I never finished blogging commentaries for the rest of my Mermaid Seas trilogy! Can’t believe I forgot that, but oh well, here it is.

            This is book 2 in the trilogy, a favourite of mine. What guy wouldn’t like to be one of the few men in a school where most of the fellow teachers are young beautiful women? Only, for Roger Overstreet, what he doesn’t know is the only other man in the bunch is also not human.

            At the Christmas party, Roger gets the shock of his life.

            There’s also an ancient prophecy that he’s able to decode. A prophecy of the end of the world? What’s new? But then again, what does this prophecy have to do with the mermaids and why does it say the end will come from the ocean?

Mermaid Seas Forecast, Book two in the Mermaid Seas Trilogy by John Irvin. An urban fantasy about a teacher who discovers all his friends are mermaids.

            I’ll tell you a little secret: I actually got the basis for this story from a dream. I dreamed I was this Roger Overstreet, one of only two men in a school, and I found out all the women in my life were mermaids.

            Yeah, talk about a dream.

            Anyhoo, this Mermaid Seas trilogy has always been a favourite of mine—it went through several revisions before finally being published. At first I wasn’t going to publish, then I rewrote it into a trilogy and thought I’d publish it in print eventually. Then I rewrote it a third time and decided to publish each novella individually as ebooks.

            I simply had to share this strange world with my readers!

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