Mermaid Seas: Salvation (Book 3 in the Trilogy)

by John Irvin

A commentary by John Irvin


“Twenty-three families…do you think that’s enough to start the human race over again?” –Arthur

            Arthur Eden is a best-selling fantasy novelist with a secret plan. He knows of the ancient prophecy the Mermaids deciphered several years back.

            The human race is going to perish.

            A fish-bred virus will wipe out the entire world population.

            Arthur has known mermaids exist for years, ever since he met Cassandra.

            She has a secret too—one he doesn’t even know.

            Working together, they plan a cruise trip for the winners of a TV game show about Arthur’s life and works.

            But will everything go as planned? What are the people going to think when they discover their cruise trip is actually a rescue and survival mission?

            Join the mermaids in this finale of the Mermaid Seas Trilogy!

Salvation (Book 3 in the Mermaid Seas Trilogy) by John Irvin. An Apocalyptic Mermaid Fantasy.

            Salvation was the climax of this trilogy. While writing it, I figured out that each of my main characters from each book is actually related in some way to each other. Not directly, of course.

            Though this book is an earlier work so maybe not as professional as I’d like it to be, it still holds a special place in my heart.

            I enjoyed being able to add in some apocalyptic themes into this one. I’ve always had a thing for such stories. But to be able to fit in one of a my top favourite mythic species into such a story was just a blast. Mermaids are amazing creatures—though most stories have them as sinister people-killing beings. There are a few good stories about good mermaids though.

            Having the Mermaid race being the means of salvation for the Human race was a cool idea to me—kind of an opposite-of-the-norm theme. So that’s how this trilogy sprang into being.

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