by Carolyn Turgeon

Published by Broadway Paperbacks

A review by John Irvin


“This is how it works, she thought. When the world becomes something new, it seems always to have been that way.” –Margrethe

            It’s a retelling of the original story—not so different that you don’t recognise it, but unique enough to be told apart.

            Princess Margrethe has be hiding in a convent, away from the tumultuous wars that are plaguing her kingdom. She sees what appears to be a miracle one dark evening: a glimmering mermaid drags a half-drowned man onto the rocky shore.

            She believes there is a reason why the mermaid brought the man to her.

            Meanwhile, the mermaid—whose name is Lenia—feels the deepest ache in her heart. She desires to return to the human man. But how? He is a human she is a mermaid—there’s no way their worlds could ever cross again. Or is there?

            There is a Sea Witch who promises legs if Lenia is willing to give up her voice, home, even her health. Will Lenia do it?

mermaid carolyn turgeon

            The Little Mermaid was my favourite fairy tale when I was a child. So when I found this book a few years back, I fell in love with the characters immediately. With the different twists to this tale, I was held in suspense.

            How was it going to end? How was Lenia going to survive this debacle? Or Margrethe? Was Margrethe going to turn evil?

            Two women with everything to lose in the pursuit of love, things could and would get hairy—I knew that much. So those pages were turned almost nonstop—pretty sure I remember finishing the book in two days.

           If you love mermaid folklore, the Little Mermaid, and a new twisted turn to an old story, this is the right book for you!

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: MERMAID.

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