More Awesome Adventures and Additions from the Beauty and the Beast!

Another favorite read of mine from the lore of the classic fairy tale!

By John Irvin

This addition to the Disney folklore is a twisted tale of the plot behind the Beauty and the Beast. What if it was Belle’s mother who cursed the Beast?

As Old as Time: A Twisted Tale by Elizabeth J. Braswell.

This is one of those page-turners for me. I saw this book and thought, “Oo Beauty and the Beast, my favorite!” Then I started reading and…I was speechless. Was not expecting that plot twist!

I’m a sucker for all things Beauty and the Beast as I’ve said before. But, like humans do, I tend to tire of favorites and have to spend some time away before my passion for them can be rejuvenated. I think the major twist in this fairy tale kept it more interesting.

Smart, sassy, resourceful, and restless, Belle is always looking for a way of escape, but also longs to explore this strange enchanted land.

Belle’s mother isn’t dead—like in the original story—but went missing some time ago. Belle’s father wishes to remain at their cottage in case his beloved wife ever returns.

Belle barely remembers her mother.

There’s always been questions.

You’re going to have to answer these question by ordering a copy now of LOST IN A BOOK!

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