When You Write for a Living, Sometimes the Magic Leaves!

By John Irvin

            So I totally forgot to blog on Monday, by the time I remembered it was too late. I must be human still. I realize now, it is easier to remember to blog every single day than it is only three days a week. Strange, right?

            But I remembered today!

            I’m wondering if it’s the lack of motivation here recently. Yesterday I was having a strong rant with myself about how I think not writing any first drafts in the past weeks is stunting my creativity.

            Focusing on second drafts right now, I find I miss the sense of adventure and exploration when writing first drafts. Some writers love the second draft, not this writer. First drafts are my favourite usually—well, that and actually seeing my books complete and published.

            I finished Conspiracy—the final chapter in the Shattered series. It is now published on Amazon Kindle for $1.99.

Shattered, Volume 5: Conspiracy by John Irvin
Click on the Image to go to the Amazon page!

            There’s also something else in the works for that series too. Not going to say what it is yet.

            Now I’m working on the second draft for Longevity’s Book 2, Independence. Yesterday, I struggled to do 2 pages! Hence the argument between me, myself, and I.

            My goal is 10 pages a day which will have me finished with the draft a week from Friday. I’ll be able to spend the weekend working my edit before ordering a professional editor in preparation for the books publication in January 2020.

            This morning, I worked 18 pages! Yes, I shocked myself at how fast it went. It’s all about motivation, y’all.

            And music—I find music playing in the background stimulates my creativity, fueling me for hours.

            Right now, while I’m writing this, it’s Imagine Dragons singing Walking the Wire. I just love that song!

            But, back to my writer’s block yesterday, it was interesting I am presently binge-watching Castle for the sixth or seventh time.

            It’s an ABC show ended maybe three years ago? It’s about a mystery novelist, Richard Castle, who follows an NYPD homicide detective, Kate Beckett, helping her solve crime then writing the stories into his novels.

            Can you see why I might enjoy it? Well, I’m not a mystery writer, but all writers share similar struggles and victories. Not to mention, Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion brought a passion to the table not many artists can pull off.

            But, one of the things they discussed in a recent episode was writer’s block. I made the statement, I don’t believe in writer’s block. All struggles to write can be boiled down to fear or laziness—if there are others, I haven’t thought of them yet.

           What I had yesterday was a lack of motivation—a type of laziness. I fell out of love with second drafts. This morning, the love was restored, after a night of telling me: you can only get out of this if you finish it.

            So now I’m back on track! Thank you, Castle.

            Remember every morning you wake up, today is a chance to do something that will bring you closer to the tomorrow you want.

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