My Favourite TV Show and an Author’s Interview with His Character.

Talking about Castle and having an interview with Ihon Iraes, a 910 year old Wolf-Born…

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By John Irvin

I have an book reading for you from your favourite author haha. Here’s the Vlog for this morning’s post…

It is strange that my favourite tv show ended up being a murder mystery cop drama…seeing as I don’t write or read in that genre…like, at all.

The Favourite Show…

But, already being a fan of Nathan Fillion thanks to Firefly—and yes, I, like all fans, believe it should have been continued for a few more seasons—I fell in love with his portrayal of the character, Rick Castle.

I playboy, millionaire, bestselling novelist at the start, falls madly in love with a cop and she becomes his muse.

Every writer knows, we must have our muses to write great fictions.

To every story there is a muse, otherwise, it’s all made up…*snickering in the corner.*

The humour and playful banter, the dynamic relationships, the suspense and adventure, are all weaved together in a mind-blowing eight season series about a writer and his muse.

Every episode has me chuckling and I’ve got to be honest…I’ve been through the whole show, at least, eight times. I haven’t watched it through this year, so I’ll be starting that soon.

I love one of Castle’s quotes and have to share it now.

The Interview…

Speaking of being a writer with a muse…I want to now turn to a character. He’s a beloved individual by me—his creator. We met quire a few years ago. It’s been a long and intense and crazy ride and we’ve still got years to go, hopefully.

He’s sitting here with me and I’ll be writing our interview down as we go.

Author: Welcome to my blog, Ihon, how are you today?

Ihon: I’m doing well, John, thanks for having me today. I must say, after that first edition of my story then this new series, I’m glad to finally be getting our first interview together.

Author: So am I, my friend, so am I. I should have thought of it earlier.

Ihon: You learn as you go, right?

Author: Right—

Ihon: By the way, to John’s readers out there, I want to interrupt real quick and promote his upcoming newest edition to our Longevity series. It is the third book in the series, entitled Wandering. And, if you’ve read the first two installments before, you’ll know my character has been travelling down through history. Well, this book brings me up to Jamestown. Isn’t that right, John?

Author: That’s correct, Jamestown and a few years beyond that.

Ihon: So yes, I want to congratulate my creator and friend and let you people know it’s about to be published within a couple weeks. Make sure you get a copy!

Author: Thanks, Ihon. Now a little about you. First off, how do you pronounce your name?

Ihon: It’s pronounced like Ian and the last name is Iraes, pronounced like Eraze.

Author: Almost like Erase? *Chuckling*

Ihon: *Chuckles* Yes, only no. You’re the author, you named me this.

Author: Yes, I wanted a Scottish name, but to be Latinised.

Ihon: Because of my Roman roots, right?

Author: Yes, speaking of which, tell me a little about your roots.

Ihon: Well, I was born in the Highlands, during the Second Great War. That’s a war my Race—the Wolf-Born—fought with an evil species called the Spawn. They’re basically like vampires in the suck out the blood and their spirits take possession of the empty bodies.

Author: Sounds disturbing.

Ihon: It definitely is. My father, Justin, was born in Rome, but met and fell in love with a pilgrim from Scotland by the name of Ariel McFaye. They wed and I was conceived shortly before my father’s death in one of the last battles of the Great War.

Author: I’m sorry for that. But you’ve told me before that your mother actually never let you in that you were Wolf-Born. You were actually led to believe you were human all the way up until your fifties?

Ihon: This is true. Mother never told me up until her death. If I remember correctly, she was planning to reveal it to me on my eighteenth birthday, but died before that.

Author: My condolences again.

Ihon: My wife was murdered shortly after I returned from the First Crusade. That was the night the Beast came out.

Author: Who murdered your wife? What was her name.

Ihon: She was actually my first wife, her name was Joanna, she was from the Wallace clan. An Elite Rogue murdered her, he was hired by a Spawn Commander.

Author: Whoops, we’re probably giving away some spoilers for our readers. Let’s back track, you say, Joanna was your first wife?

Ihon: Yes.

Author: Meaning, you’ve been married more than once. Let’s be careful not to give away any spoilers.

Ihon: *Snickers* Yes, I’ve been married more than once.

Author: When were you born? Let’s give that date for our readers to fully comprehend how old you are.

Ihon: I was born December 15th, in the year of our Lord, 1109. I am 910 years old this year.

Author: Quite a long lifespan. No wonder you’ve been married more than once.

Ihon: It can get quite lonely after so many centuries.

Author: Is that a normal lifespan for a Wolf-Born? What’s the average length of age for your Race?

Ihon: The average life span of a Wolf-Born is 1,100 years.

Author: Wow.

Ihon: Aye.

Author: Wow. Okay, yeah. I don’t think anyone could judge you for marrying more than once. Welp, that’s all the time we have for today, Ihon. Thank you again for taking this interview with me. I look forward to following along in your adventures in the near future. What’s Book 4 hold, I wonder.

Ihon: I guess you’re going to have to just write the first draft and found out.

That was the first interview with one of my favourite characters, folks. Thanks for spending the time to read today’s blog.

Also, if you love reading and would like to see Ihon’s series out in libraries and bookstores across the country, please click the link below and donate to the book tour fundraiser.

          Until next week, y’all have a great life.

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