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After almost four months of absence, I’m finally back again with more fun short stories and other writing articles.

By John Irvin

          Wow, is it just me, or did the time vanish? I don’t know what happened honestly. I got caught up with my proofreading work and, I think, the blogging and YouTube vlogging kind of took a back burner.

          But hey, what matters is I’m back! I’ve returned with more news and announcements.

          No, I haven’t published a book in a spell, but maybe later this year? I do have two or three ebooks ready—they’re only waiting on their cover art.

          As for today’s blog—number 270—we’ll be talking more about my Patreon creator site.

          Patreon is something I’ve talked about before. I was away from it for the time I was focusing on trying the whole GoFundMe fundraising thing. That didn’t work out. My team and I were planning a book tour that would take me from Pensacola, Florida, to Los Angeles, California.

          But a certain pandemic happened that forced it to a later date. Then no one was giving except a couple of our own teammates. It was a disappointment, but we don’t blame anyone. The whole world has been through a lot and is still going through crap right now thanks to humans in charge.

          Anyways, on a brighter note. Patreon. Yes, that’s where I was. Patreon is a site for creatives like me to garner patrons. Some do it on a weekly basis, a pay-per-view, or a monthly basis, with rewards. That’s my ordeal. I’ve had it set up for an episode a week for anyone willing to send me a dollar a month. I call it my tip-jar.

          What’s a dollar a month? That’s not even a cup of coffee! So, you could send me a dollar and still get that latté.

          And the really cool thing about this, it works almost like a fundraiser. The more people who give a little, the higher support I have for chasing my dreams. Imagine if five hundred people gave a dollar each a month. That pays for cover art and publishing fees for one book.

          I could literally get back to publishing a book a month like I was doing a couple of years ago! Lord knows I have enough books written, I could do that after a little revision.

          So, maybe you’ll help me out? Will you? And share with your friends who might like a bit of techno-fantasy in their lives.

          Techno-fantasy? What’s that? Well, I’m glad you asked.

          The Ikkilion Chronicles was originally going to be a steampunk saga—it was my first attempt at the genre. But, after only a couple of episodes writing into the story, I knew that wasn’t going to work out. I need to do more reading in the genre before I try again. But, there’s still technology in this world called Ikkilion, even with the magic.

          So, I decided I’d just start calling it techno-fantasy.

          And now, I’ve published sixteen episodes on the backlog for my Patreon sponsors. No one else gets this series, except you if you sign up!

          A little about the story:

          Pwyll and Fea Libane are having a happy life together—despite the fact Pwyll’s parents vanished a few years earlier. The story begins when they’re summoned by the Witch Queen—a usurper of the throne of Eraterra.

          She demands something they have no idea about.

          There’s possibly an escape from the dungeons and a massive trek across the kingdom. Will these two make it through the traps and threats among the lawless and higher echelons of society?

          Only one way to find out.

          Today, I am posting the seventeenth episode! My Lost Home, Episode 17 of the Ikkilion Chronicles.

          Episode 17: My Lost Home.

          And for your viewing pleasure, here’s the video for today’s episode:

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