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The Twentieth Episode is out on Patreon, and My Brain is Out Planning the Rest of the Summer

By John Irvin

            So, you know about my Patreon. I’m a creator over on that artist-focused website. I’ve got my own profile and my own single tier level. I call it my tip jar. But, it only works if people actually tip.

            Do I sound like I’m desperate? Because I’m actually not, I’ve been doing all right running and working my independent proofreading business. But when it comes to my writing life, it is definitely a reward to see my work is appreciated.

            The Ikkilion Chronicles is Patreon-exclusive, which means, it will not be published anywhere else. The only way you can read it is to subscribe as a one-dollar-a-month patron. There will also be extra goodies in the near future too. So, don’t miss out.

            Before I continue, here’s the link to my Patreon, so you can join in the world:

            If you’ve been keeping up with my author journey, you’ll know that I’m also running a YouTube channel. I may not post EVERY week, but I do try to post often. They usually run about two to three minutes long just giving updates or promoting one of my books or a book I’ve been reading.

            Make sure you subscribe by clicking through the link below.

            In other news, I’ve started the first draft for The First of All, a legend novella in the Longevity series world. If you know about Longevity, you know there have been three books published. Revelation and Independence (Books 1 and 2) are in hardcover, paperback, and ebook format. Book 3, Wandering, is in ebook only for now. If I remember correctly, it is the latest book I’ve published and that was last year.

            I’ve taken a break from publishing anymore as I want to see more love. But, people can refuse to buy my books and, though that breaks my heart, it will not deter me from writing. I will keep writing until I die, if the good Lord sees fit.

            On that note, I have three books that I’ve pulled off the back shelf. I started work on them predominately back in 2017 and then shelved them for a bit. I’ve got an itch to get back into those worlds and finish the work. And here lately, on top of continuing the Ikkilion Chronicles and starting The First of All, I’ve been doing a bit of work here and there with those three. I’ll share the titles at a later time.      

          And for your viewing pleasure, here’s the video for today’s episode:

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