Nightshade (Book 1 in the Nightshade Trilogy) by Andrea Cremer

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A review by John Irvin


“I’d always welcomed war, but in battle my passion rose unbidden.” –Calla

            This is the first book in an international bestseller series. It takes place in an underworld of magic orders who use wolf guardians to levy out their biddings.

            These are not your average werewolves thought—they’re actually cursed with spirits of wolves, or rather wolves cursed with human forms. You’ll have to read the book to figure out what that means.

            Book 1 introduces Calla, the alpha female of a shape-shifting pack. She’s matched with another alpha, Ren Laroche, by the order over them—also called, the “Keepers.” They would govern the pack and protect sacred sites.

            Then one day, Calla rescues a human boy and, of course, he captures her heart. Thanks to this twist, she questions her fate and existence. From these questions arise more questions until rebellion joins into the mix. Is it worth the risk though? To go against everything she is or was raised to be, is it worth it?

nightshade andrea cremer

            I’m all about werewolves—though more in the traditional sense. But I found this book’s different origins line quite fascinating. Of course, this is a Young Adults fantasy so it is required—as it seems to be today—to have the Love triangle. But I didn’t mind it, in fact, it worked out well with the plot.

            Some things happen that are meant to cause us to question our beliefs, our origins, anything. And if Calla never fell into a love triangle she would never question her own being which wouldn’t have brought on the rebellion against the actually evil Keepers.

            It did take awhile for me to decide which guy to root for though. I won’t say which. I guess, I’ll leave that up to you. And hey, maybe we could get a discussion going picking teams hahaha.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: NIGHTSHADE.

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