Of Triton (Book 2 in the Syrena Legacy) by Anna Banks

Published by Square Fish, an Imprint of MacMillan

A review by John Irvin


“My eyes won’t open. It’s like my ashes are coated with iron instead of mascara…” –Emma

            Emma’s mother is a long-lost Poseidon princess. This means, Emma is a Half-Breed—an abomination to the Syrena, sentenced to death by ancient law. The news of her mother’s true identity sends the two houses of Poseidon and Triton into a heated struggle.

            Emma’s been kidnapped. Will the love of her life be able to rescue her?

            Galen has his own battles to fight. Should he keep Emma’s existence a secret? Or should she reveal herself, as well as her Gift? Would this save or destroy the people she never knew?

            The middle installation of the Syrena trilogy, keeping you on your toes, matches its prequel in fantastic mermaid lore and mysterious sea fantasies.

of triton anna banks

            After reading the first book, I had to get the second. It met my expectations. If I remember correctly, I read the book in two days. The unraveling of a greater mystery that only had hints in the first book is mind-blowing. I love how it works out.

            The struggle of self-identity is also gripping. Emma naturally wants the best of both worlds: human and mer. But, in life, it is a rare occasion that one can get both choices. I felt the emotional dilemma. But I tried telling Emma that a life with Galen would be far greater than a life without and the human world ain’t so great. Well, it isn’t. But then again, the Syrena with all their in-fighting and hatred toward Half-Breeds, don’t seem so lovable either.

            How does it all begin to unfold? You’ll have to read it.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: OF TRITON.

Of course, if you haven’t bought the first book or read it yet, I suggest clicking over in my archives and ordering it first.

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