SHATTERED, Volume 1: Collapse

by John Irvin

A commentary by John Irvin


The solar flare just hit us with an EMP” –Sam Turnover

Book Description:

When a solar flare knocks out the world’s power, world empires shatter into pieces. Anarchy reigns, terror ignites. Will the pieces survive?

A band of former Alabamans join together and form a new country. Rising up against the tyrannical local government with its military cronies, Samuel Turnover and his group of rebels ignite the foundation of an already crumbling society.

Will they be able to build a new country? Will they be able to hold back the tide of oppression? This is a story of the death and rebirth. The old becomes something new. A fiery bird rising from the ashes. What was has to collapse…

Shattered, Volume 1: Collapse by John Irvin, A Commentary/Review

            This is the first installment of my Shattered series—a series about the death of an old empire and her children’s birth of new free and independent nations. The geography of North America will never be the same.

            I must say, even though this was one of the first series I wrote for Kindle and therefore I didn’t know all the ropes at the time—I’m still learning those—this is a favorite of mine.

            This one is the first of five books. Funny thing, I’m going to finally start writing the fifth and final chapter either starting tomorrow or Sunday.

            Once that is finished, I plan to clean the whole series up then put them together in a Complete Collection. That’ll be awesome.

            In the meantime, if you’d like to read this first installment to get a feel for the series, check it out at this link: SHATTERED: COLLAPSE.

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