by Sean Williams

Published by Del Ray, imprint of Random House

A review by John Irvin


“Some days were better than others. Maybe this was one of them. He told himself that with all the conviction he could muster, which was plenty for a man in his trade. What could possibly go wrong?”

            From the back cover blurb:

            From across the galaxy they’ve come: agents of both the Republic and the Sith Empire, an investigating Jedi Padawan, an ex-trooper drummed out of the Republic’s elite Blackstar Squad, and a mysterious Mandalorian. An extraordinary auction has drawn them all together—in quest of a prize only one can claim.

Each is prepared to do what he must to possess the treasure, whose value may be the wealth of a world itself. None intend to leave empty-handed. All have secrets, desires, and schemes. And nothing could ever unite them as allies—except the truth about the deadly danger of the object they covet. But can Sith and Jedi, Republic and Empire—enemies for millennia—join as one against the certain doom of the galaxy?

Star Wars Old Republic Fatal Alliance by Sean Williams. A space adventure that mixes Sith, Jedi, and Mandalorian in a battle to save the Galaxy against a surprise threat.

            I like it when a story starts out with a group of individuals who are so different from each other, you know they are sworn enemies or will be. But then, something inconceivable happens and they actually unite together for sake of a greater cause.

            That’s what Fatal Alliance does, takes a Sith, a Jedi, and a Mandalorian and throws them into a situation that could end with the destruction of the galaxy.

            Of course, nothing ever goes as planned, especially such a tentative alliance between such different believers. There may be a betrayal in the mix somewhere.

            This book, though starting off a little thick, will keep any science fiction fan on his or her toes. If you are a Star Wars fan, make sure you add this desperate action-packed, space dram to your collection.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: FATAL ALLIANCE.

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