by John Irvin

A commentary by John Irvin


“The ground began to crack and split open and fiery rays shot upward from beneath his feet. A few skeletons that lay on the floor near his position suddenly sat up and waved frantically at him.”

            StarQuest covers the adventures of the group of freedom fighters—led by Commander Johan Eryn—that left Earth to find a new world where they could start the American dream all over again. Along the way, they discover there are worlds upon worlds with human life—all in one galaxy.

            The mission for a new world becomes a new mission for a new union—a union of planets. First, the novel inserts a key event in the travelers’ visit to the Marcrie, a tribe of warriors living on a planet called Nitara.

            Bringing the reader back to the present (2041 AD), the team returns to Nitara to find the Queen—a good friend of Johan’s—has disappeared. She was kidnapped by pirates. A mission of rescue ensues in which Johan must return to a place he did not ever want to visit again: the Nitara underworld. But at least he has a friend to go with him this time. They uncover pieces of the lost history of Nitara.

            Once the Queen is returned, the team takes the USS Patriot Ultimatum and returns to Earth—the first time they’ve been there in over 4 years. The world leaders make alliance with this massive spaceship and a new plan is instigated. A plan to unite the galaxy against a common foe: the Clongoth.

            Will they succeed? Can thousands of mostly-primitive worlds stand against an enemy that has long held the majority in slavery for centuries?

StarQuest a Novel by John Irvin. 

Science Fiction drama about a group of freedom fighters from Earth trying to unite the Galaxy in a confederation against a common foe: the Clongoth.

            So, this book is my only in-print novel at the time of writing this blog—I will have a second in-print novel by the end of this month (Longevity, Book 1: Revelation).

            StarQuest was written around 4 years ago, if not more, and published maybe 3 years ago. It seems like forever ago. I look back on it and see major differences in my writing style and narrative. I can think of so many authors I’ve read—such as Orson Scott Card—and how their works change over the course of their writing careers. Sometimes they’re so different you almost have a hard time believing they’re the same author. But it still holds a special place in my heart. I prove this with the two ebooks I recently published last year: Forgetfulness and Epix. I wrote about them the last two Fridays. The StarQuest Anthology world is a favourite of mine to visit every once in awhile. I’m certain there will be more ebooks and maybe even another in-print novel in the near future.

Click this link to go check it out: STARQUEST.

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