by John Irvin

A commentary by John Irvin


“City-planet?’ Josh glanced over his shoulder at the Major, ‘Like that planet in a galaxy far, far away?’”

            A prequel to the Novel, Epix, brings us to a new world where everything just seems extra-large. The USS Patriot is even given a second body, giving it hulking mass.

            Johan Eryn and his team are simply on a visit to the planet, making allies with the King himself, but when one of the moons takes on living form, plummeting to the planet, will the band of freedom fighters be able to withstand a god?

starquest epix john irvin

            Back to my StarQuest Anthology, Epix is the sequel to Forgetfulness and prequel to the Novel. Did I enjoy writing this short science fiction drama? Yes! I already knew the designs for the space ship, seeing as she’d appeared in the novel years before, but actually seeing how she got to be the Ultimatum was a blast.

Also, the beating up a false god was pretty fun too—wasn’t exactly expecting that when I first started writing the fiction.

Though, you could read the novel before reading this space fantasy, I would recommend reading this one first. It may not be a huge build-up, but still a nice little entertaining addition to the Anthology.

Click this link to go check it out: STARQUEST: EPIX.

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