The Origin Tale of the Wolf-Born Saga

You’ve heard lots about Ihon (pronounced Ian) and his story from the Longevity series, but what of the origin of the Wolf-Born themselves?

By John Irvin

          Ihon is not the only Wolf-Born, no, this is made clear within the first few chapters of Longevity, Book 1: Revelation. There is a whole secret Race from which he unknowingly sprung.

          But what of the origin of that race? Where do these Beasts who walk and think like Humans come from? How did the first Wolf-Born learn to shape-shift? Or was it something more than just learning a skill?

          What is the Wolf-Gift? How is it passed down in the very DNA?

          Blood of the Father is a short ebook novella that relates the story of Tiras, the Father of the Wolf-Born Race, and how he was given the Gift and how he found the Mother of the Wolf-Born Race.

          Here’s the YouTube episode, less than two minutes long!

          Who is Tiras and when did he live on this planet? This goes back to ancient times. Tiras, according to history, was the seventh son of Japheth, one of the three famous sons of the legendary Noah.

          This tale is set a few centuries into the life of Tiras—yes, back then, humans lived much longer than their present day counterparts. I mean, there wasn’t much pollution back then and they were closer to the perfect first humans than we are.

          Anyways, before getting onto a scientific debate rabbit trail, Tiras is human, yes, you read that right. But I thought he was the Father of the Wolf-Born Race, you ask?

          Yes, yes he was.

          So how does he become the primogenitor of a separate race from humankind?

          Read the book. *wink*

          How does he find his life’s mate to create this new kind?

          Read the book *winks again*

          Here’s the link below.

But before I let you go, I want to share this thoughtful review:

“Review Rating:

4 Stars

Reviewed By K.J. Simmill for Readers’ Favorite

On the day Tiras buried his wife, everything changed. He mourned her passing, unaware his own transition was to follow. The Almighty had a plan; He would do something new. Attacked by a vicious wolf, Tiras thought his life was at an end, but as the pain and torment increased, the Almighty came to him, telling him he would sire a new race, one to protect man from the darkness to come. Adapting to his new life as wolf-born, and his new abilities, Tiras sets out to travel the world and learn what he can. He keeps to himself, knowing man has now lost its extended years. His path and travels are guided by God. To sire this new race he must first find his true mate, the woman with whom he could begin God’s work.

Blood of the Father is a dark fantasy creation story by John Irvin. This short story gives a new spin to the age-old werewolf and vampire creation mythos and presents it in the form of Tiras’ thirty-year journey. This Christian story puts God at the center and, as such, there is a Christian influence on the tale. The steady pace allows the reader to watch events unfold as Tiras begins to learn more about his gift and mission. Exploration, discovery, and faith drive the plot, which makes a good foundation for future tales as we learn of the battle of good versus evil to follow. This is a short but easy-flowing read which creates new origins for the ancient races.”

I really appreciated their thoughts!

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