by Martha Alderson

Published by Adams Media

A review by John Irvin


“It takes a lot of energy and a lot of neurosis to write a novel. If you were sensible, you’d do something else.”—Laurence Durrell

            From the back cover blurb:

            When it comes to writing bestsellers, it’s all about the plot. Trouble is, plot is where most writers fall down—but you don’t have to be one of them. With The Plot Whisperer, you’ll learn how to create stories that build suspense, reveal character, and engage readers—one scene at a time.

            Celebrated writing teacher and author Martha Alderson has devised a plotting system that’s as innovative as it is easy to implement. With her foolproof blueprint, you’ll learn to devise a successful storyline for any genre. She shows how to:

  • Use the power of the Universal Story
  • Create plot lines and subplots that work together
  • Effectively use a scene tracker for maximum impact
  • Insert energetic markers at the right points in your story
  • Show character transformation at the book’s climax

The Plot Whisperer is the ultimate guide for you to write page-turners that sell!

The Plot Whisperer, Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master by Martha Alderson, A Review

            Being an author takes a ton of work—you need an ever-flowing reservoir of imaginative creativity. I read somewhere that there are a billion ideas everywhere, most people don’t even notice, and the great authors catch at least six or seven.

            But the thing is, it takes work molding that simple idea into a full-grown novel—or even more for a whole series of full-grown novels!

            So when someone like Martha Alderson comes along with her 233 pages of wisdom, I and you can be most thankful for the help. Reading this book helped me form a few better strategies for plotting my own works.

            Someone else stated, there are no masters in this field—we are all apprentices, each growing at our own degree and learning at our own pace. Some of us are more advanced as writers, but we should never let that keep us from reaching back and pulling someone else up.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: THE PLOT WHISPERER.

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