The Species of the Gothic Fantasy, WOLF’S RISING.

In this short ebook, there are several different races that play a part in the world of Kyn.

By John Irvin

            This short favourite of mine, Wolf’s Rising, was conceived in my mind a few years back. It wasn’t until last year that I actually wrote, edited, and published the tale of a freedom. I had no idea there would be so many different species taking part in this Gothic Fantasy.

            It could also be considered a High Fantasy like Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, since the story does not take place on the planet Earth.

            This world is called Kyn. Yes, it sounds a lot like “kin” so you could probably take that and run with some kind of theory about the origin stories.

            All I know, the Wolf-Born have been enslaved to the Dark Elves for centuries. Recently, a rebellion is begun among the ranks and our story picks up with one of the leaders, Duncan. Although he has no memory at the start of who he is or what he’s doing chained up in a damp dungeon.

            There a woman is brought in and thrown at his feet.

            He recognises her.

            But finding out his memory is not the subject of this blog today.

            Actually, I wanted to talk about the various species that take part in the story.

            The world of Kyn is inhabited by Wolf-Born and Dark Elves—that’s all we know near the start of the book. But, once we’ve been delving deeper, we discover there is a spiritual realm that can be connected to called the Otherworld.

            This disturbing realm is home to Ghouls and Shades. Stalking the recesses of the shadow realm, these creatures like to prey on the unsuspecting. But that can’t seem to touch the residents of Kyn, though it’s obvious, sometimes they can see them.

            People of Kyn cannot see the Shades or the Ghouls, they’ve been ignorant of their existence for millennia…apparently.

            So caught up with the rebellion the Dark Elves have no idea they are threatened.

            Dark Elves…

            Dark Elves were first mentioned in Norse mythology. They were known as the Dökkálfar and it was claimed they lived beneath the earth. They had a counterpart known as the Light Elves—or Ljósálfar—who lived above the earth and were “fairer than the sun.”

            The Light Elves are not mentioned in Wolf’s Rising—so we’re not certain if they even exist. Not to mention, Dark Elves live in castles on top of Kyn’s terrain—not much into cave-dwelling.

            J. R. R. Tolkien also mentions Dark Elves in his legendarium.


            Now, the Wolf-Born, I’ve discussed this species before in previous blog articles covering my Longevity series. But, these folk in Wolf’s Rising—though identical to my Wolf-Born Race in the Longevity series—are not related at all.

            Yes, they are shape-shifters. Yes, they do stand like humans when in Beast form, but covered in fur and wolf’s head. But, they’re not even on the same planet. These Wolf-Born have been slaves for a thousand or so years.


            The Ghouls are the next species mentioned. Though, they might be arriving on Kyn soon, these creatures stalk the lands of the Otherworld.

            Ghouls originated in pre-Islamic Arabian mythology and were said to be demon-like or humanoid monsters who ate flesh and hung around graveyards. I’ve tried to keep this persona as close to the original as possible. The Ghouls, though not necessarily called demons in Wolf’s Rising, are definitely flesh-eaters and look similar to zombies.

            They are not exactly sentient, but are keen to mind-control by a certain Shade.


            The Shade whose name is Bezarnok is part of a malevolent species who rule the spirit realm. These creatures originate millennia ago and span across various ancient mythologies. The Greeks believed them to be dead people wandering the Underworld. The Egyptians also believed Shades stalked the Underworld and were cursed souls. Even in Jewish folklore, Shades were called tsalmaveth which means “death shadow.”

            So, a lot of cool history as to the Earthly origins of these species even though this story does not take place here, but in a world called Kyn.

            Click through to read the brief description and maybe buy a copy. I’ve been told by my readers they enjoyed it. If you’re into fantasy, I’m pretty sure you will too. I loved writing it.


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          Until next week, y’all have a great life.

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