THE SPIRIT WELL (A Bright Empires Novel) A Review

by Stephen Lawhead

Published by Thomas Nelson

A review by John Irvin


Quote from the Book:

“Cassandra Clarke dug bones for a living. She spent every summer of her professional life hunkered down in trenches of various depths with a trowel in one hand and a whisk broom in the other, excavating the skeletal remains of creatures long dead, many of which were known only to science and some known to no one at all.”

From the description:

            But what if the true treasure isn’t the map at all…what if the map marks something far greater? Something one world cannot contain? Those who desire to unlock the mystery are in a race to possess the secret—for good or evil.

            Kit Livingstone is mastering the ability to travel across realities using ley lines and has forged a link from the Bone House, a sacred lodge made of animal bones, to the fabled Spirit Well, a place of profound power.

            His friend Mina is undercover in a Spanish monastery high in the Pyrenees, learning all she can from a monk named Brother Lazarus. Still determined to find Kit, she is beginning to experience a greater destiny than she can fathom.

            Cassandra Clarke is overseeing an archaeological dig in Arizona when a chance-encounter transports her to 1950s Damascus. There, she finds herself unwillingly drawn to the Seekers—the last living remnants of the Zetetic Society who need her help to track down the missing Cosimo Livingstone and his grandson Kit.

            But there are darker forces at work in the universe whose agents always seem to be one step ahead of the rest—and they’re all desperate to gain the ultimate prize in this treasure hunt where the stakes increase at every turn. At the heart of the mystery lies the Spirit Well.

The Spirit Well by Stephen Lawhead (A Bright Empires Novel, Book 3)

            The Spirit Well is the third installment in the intensely intriguing Bright Empires series by Stephen Lawhead. Adding to the depth of mystery, the stakes get higher and higher.

            There were times when I was holding my breath. I felt as if I were dragged through these ley lines, twisting and spinning through time and space itself, at the side of my friends: Kit, Mina, and now Cassandra.

            The mystery just keeps getting thicker and thicker—but I loved every minute of it. I hate using the phrase “flipping the pages” but there are not many other phrases that could be used. The more I read in this book, the more I devoured it.

            Let me put it this way, writing these reviews on this series has me deciding that I’m going to have to reread these amazing books again.

            If you enjoy alternater realities fantasy or time travel—maybe you’ve heard of Stephen Lawhead or read some of his other works—then I’m certain you will fall in love with this one!

OH, and by the by, this one is actually ONLY $3.40 for the paperback version! What a deal!

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: THE SPIRIT WELL.

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