by Alton Gansky

Published by Zondervan

A review by John Irvin


“You make radar contact with three unknowns flying at different altitudes when two of them power themselves into the ground at one thousand miles per hour without crashing, rise again to high altitude, and then combine with the third object. Do I have that right?” –Bettleman

            From the back of the cover:

            “From a Bustling Town to a Wasteland. What has happened to the citizens of Roanoke II?

What sinister secret lies hid in the town of Roanoke II? How did the entire population of this desert military installation simply disappear? High-level Pentagon orders call J.D. Stanton, retired navy captain, back to active duty to investigate.

Heading a crack team of military, government, and scientific experts, Stanton faces a bewildering scenario. Food still on dinner plates, gas nozzles still in the fuel ports of cars at the filling station…whatever happened took the people of Roanoke II completely by surprise.

But took them where? The answer—far beyond what Stanton could conceive in his wildest dreams—carries a steep price. For forces higher than the Pentagon are invested in the top-secret research of Roanoke II. And they’ll protect it ruthlessly.

Caught with his team between trained paramilitary killers and an unearthly and deadly enigma, Stanton faces a choice that will stretch his Christian faith to the limits. It could supply answers to the mystery of Roanoke II…or unfathomable and irrevocable horrors.”

Vanished by Alton Gansky. A science fiction mystery thriller starring a retired military investigator and a vanished secret paramilitary colony with ties higher than the Pentagon.

            I love a good mystery science fiction that’s clean too—but I’m not talking about the characters. There are some very dirty government agencies involved in this otherworldly fantasy. Dark and sinister, but also hopeful, Vanished is a thrill of a read.

            This is the first of the J.D. Stanton mysteries that I’ve read. I enjoyed every moment in uncovering the secret of the lost town of Roanoke II—yes, there is a play on the old historical account of the lost colony of Roanoke, but that’s as far as it goes…I think.

            At first, I wasn’t sure if this was some Rapture-theory tale, but when more clues popped up, I started to really enjoy it. Gansky isn’t your regular Christian author, he doesn’t write to try to force his point of view down you throat. He writes for the love of it and I appreciated his sharing of this strange mysterious world of his.

            So, take my recommendation and click this link to go buy it: VANISHED.

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