When Governments don’t know when to Stop

The new nations are rising up from the ashes of the former US Empire, but there are those who still wish to reassert their former glory.

By John Irvin

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Continuing on in the Shattered Chronicles—or Shattered Saga, however you want to call it.

This is the third installment in the five volume series about the North American War. From the remains of the dissolved United States, new nations were born.

Leading the advancement, the Locke Republic took control of itself and gained a nation founded on freedom and self-determination.

The Southern Federation and the Texas Republic followed soon after.

Soon the plains people formed a loose federation called the Rocky Mountain Alliance.

After having sought freedom and independence for over a hundred years, the State of Jefferson is finally able to take to the Pacific stage.

But, not unopposed. Mexico now controlling the territory to their south has now amended their relations with these new nations and become a strong ally against the Washington Empire and the American Union.

The American Union’s capital is St. Louis and its dictator is the former Senator Derick Banks of the US Senate. Now he is the ruthless leader of the two-party faction attempting to regain control of the continent.

Ted Valington was the former Vice-President of the US, he now runs the Washington Empire on the coast and tries to assert his dominion over the State of Jefferson as well as lost territories of Canada.

In their eyes, all upstart patriot movements and independent “regimes” are terrorists and anarchists.

But, are those who defy the old empire truly anarchists? Or are they simply patriots who would rather change a flag if it meant freedom and prosperity for their families?

A very controversial volume, I know, but this is just a different take I decided to explore into a fictional history for these North American States.

Could we all do better if we sat down like adults and decided to respect our differences and stop attempting to force our own political beliefs down each other’s throats every single pseudo-election?

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