When Paying Attention to What’s Going On, I Have a Lot on My Plate with this Author Book Thing

While I’m working on getting my Books into Bookstores and Libraries, I’ve realised I need to jump on the Waves called Audio Books and Non-US Sales.

By John Irvin

            So I’ve been listening to a podcast by one of a my Authorpreneur mentors. I’m going to have to talk about her work sometime or interview her or something along those lines in the near future. We’ll see.

            But she’s been talking about how Audiobooks are the fastest growing collective in the book field. The reason for this is people don’t have the kind of time they used to—thanks to Netflix, Hulu, and other wonderful streaming sites. There is also a growing number of high schoolers graduating college unable to read.

            Then there are those among us—some of my friends—who learn and retain information better through sound. I retain things when I can read them on a page, I discovered that in college.

            But every one is different.

            So I’ve decided I need to go audio. As for whether I’m going to hire a narrator or do it myself—I’m certain 97% of audio book readers would agree with me. An author should narrate his own work.

            Now, I’ve never considered myself a speech kind of person. I’m an introvert through and through.

            That’s the whole reason I’m a writer—I have so many things to tell you, but I don’t want to have to look you in the face. Not because I’m a coward, it’s just my personality. I feed off of vibes.

            That’s besides the point.

            So yes, that’s going to be one of my next steps with my Longevity series.

            Though I would like to have other voice actors speak for my characters—that’s too expensive sadly. So I’m still contemplating and figuring things out.

            You know the funny and cool thing about this blog. When you read it, if you read it when you get it, I’ll be driving back down from a camping trip with a bunch of friends. Of course, it may rain and we had to cut the trip short so I may already be home, but we’ll see.

            No one can predict the future to the decimal.

            But I’ve scheduled the post to make sure I keep on time. I hate being late.

Europe’s e-book domain is growing exponentially…

            As for the other idea, I’m going to be looking into the foreign market for my books. My mentor has shown Kindle is growing in leaps and bounds over in Germany and France.

            Plus, I already have a United Kingdom Book Tour planned—not sure whether that will be 2021 or 2022—so it would make sense I make sure my books are selling first over there.

            So these are two waves, I feel in my gut I need to be riding. I have some hopes and goals for this coming New Year. I’m looking forward to it.

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